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Hello, and welcome to Studio NDR, the slice of the internet devoted to the queer and trans comics of Dylan “NDR” Edwards. The Scoop has the dirt on my newest comics and other artistic happenings.

For my all-ages monster art, please visit the Feeping Creatures website.

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QAT Person number 3 queer asexual transgender autobio comicsNEW! – QAT Person #3

QAT Person #3 collects the latest batch of autobio comics on queer, asexual, and trans identity from Dylan Edwards. Rated PG for a couple of bad words.

“Ace Pilot” posits an asexual headcanon for Luke Skywalker. “Two’s Cabin” recounts the author’s adventure at a trans guy bar in Tokyo. “Banned Books” takes a look at censorship of queer media (and Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME in particular). “Trans Potty” offers a humorous take on bathroom troubles for trans guys.

16 pages, full color minicomic. $5.00.

Buy QAT Person #3 Minicomic

Queer and Trans comics by Dylan Edwards
The Buy Stuff page has the rundown on all my solo comics that are available for sale, in both print and digital editions. There’s also a list of recent anthologies I’ve been published in. SO MANY QUEER COMICS

Read Some Comics

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky

STATUS: active
AGES: 13+
Queer sci-fi/fantasy adventure webcomic featuring monotreme bee people. Oh, and some humans, too, I guess.

Queer Asexual Transgender Autobio Comics

Autobio Comics

STATUS: active
These are some of the autobiographical comics I’ve created for various anthologies, and websites such as The Nib, Splinter News, and PEN America. These comics typically focus on queer, asexual, and transgender themes.

Politically InQueerect LGBTQ slice of life webcomic

Politically InQueerect

STATUS: complete
AGES: 13+
Put gay conservatives, goth lipstick lesbians, genderqueers, and bisexual musicians into blender. Mix at low speed until thoroughly entangled. Salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with satire.

Transposes comics about queer trans masculine people


STATUS: complete
AGES: 16+
True stories of queer-identified trans masculine people, rendered into comics.

Taxonomically Unbound terrible pun comics by Dylan Edwards

Taxonomically Unbound

STATUS: active
AGES: all
The best of puns, the worst of puns, illustrated.

The Outfield LGBTQ sports comics

The Outfield

STATUS: complete
AGES: 13+
Want comics that queer the heck outta sports? Congrats! This is the book for you. Originally published on from 2002-2009.

LGBTQ Editorial Cartoons

Editorial Cartoons

STATUS: complete
AGES: 13+
The weekly editorial cartoons I did for the Texas Triangle and TXT Newsmagazine from 2004-2005.

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Conventions, art shows, panels, readings: this is where you can find me (Dylan!) or my art in person.

Queer Cartoonist Dylan Edwards

About the Artist

Who is this “Dylan Edwards” “person”? Enh? Perhaps this bio will reveal the answers you seek.


In case you need to drop me a line.


This page tells you where else to find me on these here internets, ways you can give me money, and recommendations of other queer & trans creators to follow.

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