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Welcome to the new Studio NDR

Welcome to the new Studio NDR published on No Comments on Welcome to the new Studio NDR

If you’ve been here before, you might have noticed one or two changes. If you’re stopping by for the first time, howdy!

Anyway, yes, I have redesigned my website for the first time in about, uh, six years. The last incarnation was hand-coded HTML, so this new deal with the WordPress and the themes and the widgets is all, like, fancy and stuff. There are various minor cosmetic improvements I’d like to make, but most of the content and functionality should be in place.

So feel free to have a look around, even if you’re relatively familiar with the content that was already here. In quite a few cases I’ve gone back to the original, hi-res image files of the comics and art to create bigger, easier-to-read incarnations.

This site represents 12 years worth of comics, so hopefully even if you’ve read it all before you’ll rediscover something you’d forgotten about.



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