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A couple of PiQue updates and Beyond

A couple of PiQue updates and Beyond published on No Comments on A couple of PiQue updates and Beyond

Politically InQueerect Archer

More PiQue on Tapastic! In which Archer’s mother interrupts bidness for business.

This is the second ever PiQue strip, from back when it was still called Young Republicans in Love. Back before I decided Todd & Archer weren’t so young after all, and also maybe I wanted to write about people besides just Republicans.

I’m not a huge fan of this particular comic, to be honest, but Archer’s mom is a principal character in the big story arc that starts NEXT WEEK (!), so I figured you should meet her first. Even if that first meeting is a wee bit awkward.

Politically InQueerect Old Ghosts teaser

SPEAKING OF WHICH. I have five pages completely finished, with a sixth in the works. I’m going to get as many more pages done as I can in the next week, and then I’ll switch back to penciling for a bit. So my expectation is to go into next Wednesday’s debut with at least 2 months of buffer in the can.

Work on Beyond is going to ramp up real soon here. With any luck I’ll have enough of PiQue: Old Ghosts done to keep it going uninterrupted while I switch over to working on Beyond. I’m far enough ahead on pencils and inks that I don’t feel like it should be a problem.

Anyway, that’s what’s what. Tune in next week for the start of Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts!



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