QU33R: The TransTransformers – Lady Jazz

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This is the character design I created for the female version of Jazz who appears in my short story for QU33R. To find out what’s up with all that, you’ll just have to read the story, now won’t you. If you would like to share this image with your friends, please note the embed code down there.

I used Arcee (one of the very few legit female Transformers, who first appears in the animated movie from 1985) as a starting point for the design. I didn’t want to go with a cheesecake pinup look, because I didn’t think it was true to the original intent of the kid who was imagining these female versions of Prowl, Jazz, And Bluestreak. Instead, I looked at stills of Arcee from the movie and the cartoon and used those poses as a base to work from. If you’re wondering why the heck Prowl and Bluestreak have red lips, it’s because Arcee has red lips. Why she has red lips I cannot fathom. Otherwise, I worked with the character designs from the original cartoon (which were NOT consistent from show to show, or even scene to scene, if you’re wondering), and used a shading technique similar to what’s used in the 1985 animated movie.

The black outlines are hand-drawn with ink. The coloring and backgrounds are digital.

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