Misc Madness

I have done a whole lot of comics about a whole lot of totally random, unrelated things. Here you will find self-contained stories that are not part of a broader body of work, comic series with a small number of cartoons and a very low incidence of being updated these days, as well as one-off panel cartoons and single-pagers. Click at your peril.

Taxonomically Unbound

Taxonomically Unbound

This collection consists of comics that don’t fit neatly into any other category. The monotremes of my cartoonish output, if you will.

QU33R: TransTransformers Jazz

QU33R: The TransTransformers

Preview images and extra material from my short story for QU33R (Northwest Press, 2013).

Matzo the Kosher Kat

Matzo the Kosher Kat

Comics about Orthodox Jewish cats.



Comics about goths and things gothic.

Zeed's Night Out

Zeed’s Night Out

Zeed just wants to find a triad to harmonize with. Is that so much to ask?

Enderstated: Tales of Horror!

Tales of Horor!

A 5-page story about dating woes, which originally appeared in the Enderstated mini-comic.

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