QU33R – The TransTransformers by Dylan Edwards

Qu33r comics anthology

QU33R is now available for sale!

QU33R is an anthology, edited by Robert Kirby, and is out now from Northwest Press. It includes brand-new, exclusive comics by a ton of amazing creators, including Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Ed Luce, Eric Orner, Kris Dresen, MariNaomi, Justin Hall, and a ton of other amazing people.

My 5-page story for said anthology is simply titled “The Transformers,” and is about kids who gender-swap their toys. The whole story is exclusive to the anthology, so if you wanna read it, grab a copy of QU33R! You can also buy fancy-pants glossy prints of my TransTransformers ladies. Observe:

Want a glossy 8×10 of any of the TransTransformers ladies? Buy it with this very button (no, the physical print will not have the web address info on there):

Choose Your Robot

January 2013
The TransTransformers Prowl by Dylan EdwardsThe TransTransformers female Jazz by Dylan Edwards
The TransTransformers female Bluestreak by Dylan Edwards

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