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Ace Pilot commences!

Ace Pilot commences! published on
Ace Pilot queer asexual trans autobio comic

As mentioned last week, I’ll be running a webcomic edition of my story Ace Pilot, which was originally published in the Secret Loves of Geeks anthology from Dark Horse.

Ace Pilot is a short autobio comic examining the intersections of queer, asexual, and trans identity, as told through a nerdy obsession with Star Wars. 

You can read the first page here on Studio NDR, and here on Patreon.

Ordinarily I’d also be uploading these pages to Tumblr as well, but since this is such a short piece (5 whole pages), I’m going to hold off on publishing them individually. I’ll do a single post with the whole story once it’s wrapped.



The Halloweeniest Taxonomically Unbound is here, and other funs

The Halloweeniest Taxonomically Unbound is here, and other funs published on

If you think Dracula is a knockout, are you down for the Count?

Gotta post this one a day early, for obvious reasons. Ye mought read the new TaxoUnbo here:

In other news, the new Valley of the Silk Sky short story is done. DONE, I TELL YOU.

It took a lot longer than I had expected (digital shading is just simply not any faster than physical media, at least not for me), but it is finished and turned in. Once I have more details regarding the anthology’s release, I shall impart them unto you.

Pros and Comic Cons - Dark Horse Books

Speaking of anthologies, this one just got announced yesterday: Pros and (Comic) Cons, coming out from Dark Horse in May 2019!

I have a three-page story in there, and while it’s a reprint of earlier work, this will be the first time it’s gotten wide distribution to bookstores. So! Keep an eyeball out for that one.



Valley of the Silk Sky Chapter 10 concludes, SDCC commences

Valley of the Silk Sky Chapter 10 concludes, SDCC commences published on

Valley of the Silk Sky

Ordinarily I’d have posted this page on Thursday, but I will be thoroughly ensconced in San Diego Comic Con at that point, so instead enjoy this Tuesday night update.

“Can you not schedule posts?”

Er, I mean, probably? But I’m not sure how on this particular setup? So EARLY UPDATE IT IS:

I DO know how to schedule posts on Patreon and Tumblr, so those will post on Thursday as per usual.

Anyhow, here’s a reminder of where I shall be at SDCC:

The San Diego Comic Book Concern and Entertainment Emporium (July 18-22, 2018)

Small Press L-05 is where I’ll be camped out in general throughout the week. Come buy some comics!

I am also on two panels:

Transformation Magic: Transgender Life in Comics from Street Level to the Stratosphere – Thursday, July 19, 6:00 PM – Room 28DE

Also, I believe Tara will be there with Stacked Deck Press and fresh, new copies of We’re Still Here, the all-trans anthology I’m in, so come to the panel on Thursday to find out more.

Secret Loves of Geeks – Sunday, July 22, 11:00 AM – Room 32AB

I’ll also be doing a signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth, along with several other creators featured in the Secret Loves of Geeks anthology, just after the Secret Loves of Geeks panel, from 12:30 – 1:15 on Sunday, July 22. This would be a great time to snag some sigs on your copy of the book!

Ha ha, I’m already tired just thinking about it.

See you there!


Valley of the Silk Sky page 81, and Secret Loves of Geeks news

Valley of the Silk Sky page 81, and Secret Loves of Geeks news published on

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky page 81 is up, and it contains both hijinks AND ensuement. Read here:

In other VotSS news, I finished painting chapter 9, which means I have a whole entire chapter done before I’ve even finished publishing the current one. TRULY, IT IS A CRISPNESS MIRACLE.

Now I just gotta complete chapter 10 and the cover, and I’ll have all the material ready for The Long Run part 2 book. I’m aiming for a TCAF debut, so let’s see how things go, eh?


Secret Loves of Geeks Dark Horse

The Secret Loves of Geeks is now out from Dark Horse Comics!

The book has been getting a lot of very positive reviews already, so that’s exciting. I honestly can’t keep track of ’em all, but here’s a good comprehensive review/interview from the Nerdist.

Anyway, you can snag it right now from yer local comic shop or bookstore. I also left a couple posters at the Denver Public Library, and it sounded like the librarians were going to make sure they had the book in circulation. So, like, you can hit up yer local library, too. Neat!

Also, there’s the upcoming signing at Mutiny Information Cafe on Feb 21 if you’re in Denver. What time is it happening, you ask? Um. I’m not sure! Ha ha. I’ll have to find out.




Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced!

Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced! published on No Comments on Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced!

Secret Loves of Geeks Dark Horse

This has finally been officially announced! Dark Horse is publishing a new Secret Loves anthology, edited by Hope Nicholson, wherein we all reveal our embarrassing secrets about our nerdy passions.

I have a short story in there about my love for Luke Skywalker, despite his hopeless uncoolness, my headcanon of him as asexual, and how he factors in my earliest glimmerings of transness.

More deets on the anthology on the other end of this link.

There are tons of amazing creators in the book:

Margaret Atwood!
Patrick Rothfuss!
Hope Larson!
Sfé R. Monster!
Becky Cloonan!
(including me!)

It’s set for release in February 2018, so PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Secret Loves of Geeks Star Wars Ace Pilot teaser



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