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Dylan Edwards comic book reading

Photo by Mido Lee

Dylan Edwards is a queer trans artist, and is the author of Transposes (Northwest Press, 2012), which was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 2013 for Best Transgender Non-Fiction, and Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts and Other Stories (Northwest Press, 2015).

His current project is Valley of the Silk Sky, a queer YA science fiction webcomic.

He is the recipient of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association’s 2016 Award for Excellence in Transgender Coverage for his comic “How I Told My Grandma I’m Transgender.”

His comics have also appeared in various anthologies, including the Ignatz Award-winning QU33R (Northwest Press, 2013), the Lambda Literary Award-winning No Straight Lines (Fantagraphics, 2012), and the Lambda Literary Award-winning Beyond Anthology (Beyond Press, 2015).

His sports-themed cartoon The Outfield was published on OutSports.com from 2002-2009, and his editorial cartoon focusing on queer issues ran from 2004-2005 in the Texas Triangle and TXT Newsmagazine.

In addition to creating comics, he has also appeared as a panelist and moderator at numerous conventions, including Comic Con International (SDCC), Small Press Expo (SPX), Emerald City Comic Con, AnomalyCon, Alternative Press Expo (APE), Denver Comic Con, Queer Comics Expo, Queers & Comics Conference, and others.

He is also responsible for Feeping Creatures, his all-ages monster creations.


Hey, just a quick note, I’m a straight male nearly 63, a cartoonist still, and I read your comic on The Nib and enjoyed it a lot, it also made me realize how confusng it must be for a young person to navigate the world when their minds and their bodies are out of sexual sync. You seem to be coping well just being yourself. And it’s something that might never stop…as I age and my sexual desire and ‘so forth’ .changes, I, too have to adjust to my own new reality of a diminished sex drive,,,and being ok with it, throwing aside forty years of horniness for what I have now. It’s OK and it’s weird, and my point is life goes on and change continues. Best of chance with your personal life and your cartooning career.

And this tiny little grey area with tinyass point size is really irritating. I can barely read what I’m writing…thanks for your comics!

Thanks for your comment! I only just saw it – not sure why I didn’t get a notification about it. And sorry about the point size. This site is built off a WordPress template, and when I tried fixing the CSS on my own I broke the whole site. One of these days it’ll get an overhaul!

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