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I keep hundreds of pages of my comics available for free online in order to make them accessible to as wide a range of people as possible, including folks who can’t afford to buy books or who can’t have openly queer material around due to personal safety concerns.

However, creating the comics, hosting and maintaining this website, and other forms of back-end labor (ha ha) represent a substantial investment of time and resources for me. If you enjoy my comics, please consider throwing me some support. There are several options:


Become a Patron!

Patreon is a website that allows indie creators to get financial support from fans so they can focus more time on the creative endeavors the fans wants to see. You can access premium content starting at just $1 a month.

Tip with Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi allows you to send small, one-off donations via PayPal. So if you can’t to commit to a monthly pledge but want to give a few dollars, this is a good option.

Buy Books and Art

I have several books for sale, both as print and digital editions. That link also has details on how to buy original comic art and other stuff I create.

Buying directly from me gets me the most money per sale, so if that’s a factor in your decision, use my Gumroad store and my Etsy store. But you’re welcome to use whichever method is most convenient for you.


Even if you have no dollars to spare, you can help support my work by sharing your favorite comics with your friends. Use the social buttons in the sidebar to post to social media (or just copy & paste the old fashioned way). Tell ‘em why you like it and why you think they should be reading it.

Thank you!


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