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This page tells you where else to find me on these here internets, ways you can give me money, and recommendations of other queer & trans creators to follow.

Social Media

I realized at some point that I don’t really have the energy to perform a whole social media persona, so I don’t really end up posting all that much on any platform these days. Socials labeled “Dylan” will be a mix of new comic updates and nonsensical bullshit (excuse me, I mean “cat pictures” [Instagram] and “longer-form blogging about media I find interesting or queer/trans topics” [Tumblr]). The others are strictly dedicated to the art project in question.

BlueSky: Dylan
Twitter: Dylan
Instagram: Dylan
Instagram: Feeping Creatures
Tumblr: Dylan
Tumblr: Valley of the Silk Sky
Tumblr: Feeping Creatures
Facebook: Politically InQueerect
Facebook: Transposes
Facebook: Feeping Creatures


Patreon – for ongoing monthly support
Ko-Fi – for one-time donations or to buy comics
Feeping Creatures Etsy – monster merch 4 sale
Feeping Creatures Threadless – print-on-demand merch
Feeping Creatures RedBubble – print-on-demand merch
Feeping Creatures Zazzle – print-on-demand merch

Other Queer & Trans Creators

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just some folks whose work I personally enjoy. If you want to explore even more queer cartoonists, please visit the Queer Cartoonists Database or the Queer Comics Database.

Kou Chen
Blue Delliquanti – O Human Star
Melanie Gillman – As the Crow Flies
Kathleen Jacques – Band vs. Band
Mildred Louis – Agents of the Realm
Ed Luce – Wuvable Oaf
Steve MacIsaac – Shirtlifter
Ajuan Mance – Gender Studies
SfĂ© R. Monster – Eth’s Skin
Adri Norris – Afro Triangle Designs
Carlisle Robinson – Carodoodles
Taneka Stotts
Scout Tran – Villainette

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