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Editorial Cartoons

LGBTQ Editorial Cartoons

LGBTQ editorial cartoons

Bleating About the Bush collects all the weekly editorial cartoons I did for the Texas Triangle and TXT Newsmagazine from 2004-2005. This book offers a snapshot of the sorts of issues that captured the attention of queer and trans people during the middle of the Bush II years: same-sex marriage, gays in the military, gender panic, and the ongoing Republican attempts to scapegoat LGBTQ folks for political gain.

Ideal for students of mid-2000s queer history, or librarians looking for archives of material from out-of-print queer newspapers.

Grayscale with some color.
Digital (high resolution): 60 pages, full-color. Pay-what-you-want.


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Sample comics from the book:
LGBTQ editorial cartoon
editorial cartoon transgender rights


editorial cartoon same-sex marriage
editorial cartoon same-sex marriage rights
editorial cartoon weaponized gay
editorial cartoon bert ernie spongebob patrick

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