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An appeal for reviews, a sneak peek, and a sadface moment

An appeal for reviews, a sneak peek, and a sadface moment published on No Comments on An appeal for reviews, a sneak peek, and a sadface moment
New Politically Inqueerect strip in progress

Have you read and enjoyed Transposes? Please consider taking a moment to write a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or iTunes (or anywhere else, really!). It doesn’t have to be long or involved. “Loved it!” or “Awesome” is fine. Though longer is fine, too. :) But every little bit helps, and since most of the promotion of this book is going to be word-of-mouth, it’s all gonna be little bits coalescing. Here are some links for ya:

Transposes on Goodreads

Transposes on Amazon

Meanwhile, as you can see over there on the right, I am currently working away on a new Politically InQueerect strip for Rocksalt Magazine. I’ll post the finished comic here once it has seen publication, but know that it is on the way! My goal for 2013 is to get back to PIQue. I would like to finish issue #3, which was put on hold while I worked on Transposes. I have some new scripts kicking around that I’d like to draw up. And, once I get enough stuff together, I want to put together a volume of collected Politically InQueerect material. It’s only ever seen the light of day online and in photocopied minicomics, so it’s high time PIQue got the proper book treatment. So, with any luck, I will get rolling on regular PIQue updates for 2013, just like a proper webcomic. More deets to come as things solidify.

Finally, the sad news. Domy Books (or their Austin location, at least) is bringing their consignment program to an end, so that means they won’t be able to stock Transposes anymore. It’ll be there up through about Dec. 23-ish, so if you’re in Austin and want to buy a copy from a local retailer, hie thee hence in the next couple of weeks.



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