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Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 7 concludes! ALSO: New comic on The Nib!

Page 71 wraps up chapter 7, and you can read ALLLLLL about it here: on the VotSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR What next, you ask? I need to work on an anthology comic for a bit, so I’m not sure yet when chapter 8 will start. It’s already thumbnailed, though, so hopefully not too terribly long. In the

Valley of the Silk Sky page 70 is just behind that bush

VotSS page 70? Point your eyeballs hither and/or thither: the Valley of the Silk Sky Tumblr Tapastic Studio NDR MEANWHILE. I will be at the ol’ Emerald City Comic Book Symposium this weekend, March 2-5, tabling with Northwest Press once again. You can find us at booth 1719. I will have a NEW MINICOMIC by jiminy: This one contains my

Valley of the Silk Sky page 69 is hiding the evidence

I meant to say, evidence? What evidence? I know nothing of any so-called “””evidence”””. [Do NOT seek evidence at these links, there is NO evidence to be found.] VotSS tumblr Tapastic Studio NDR There IS some evidence to suggest I’ll be at the Emerald City Comic Book Concern and Symposium next (!) week. If such a thing were indeed true,

Valley of the Silk Sky page 68 awaits your eyeballs

Deposit eyeballs here: VotSS tumblr Tapastic Studio NDR In non-VotSS news, last night I finished up the thumbnails for an upcoming anthology piece. So that’s two short stories for two different anthologies I’ve thumbnailed in the last month. One of ‘em is for We’re Still Here, the all-trans anthology from Stacked Deck Press, which was officially announced last December. The

Valley of the Silk Sky page 67 is taking stock of the situation

What’s that? You wanna see the latest EXCITING page of Valley of the Silk Sky? Well, take yer pick o’ venue: the VotSS tumblr website! Tapastic! Studio NDR! What’s the diff? Tumblr is tumblr, if you’re into tumbling. Also: functions as a standalone website, is mobile-adaptive, has extra content not found elsewhere. Tapastic is a platform for a bunch of

Valley of the Silk Sky page 66 has emerged from the underbrush

You can find out what sort of brush, and just how under, right here: on the VoSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR WHAT INDEED OF THE OTHERS. Speaking of others, in other(s) news, I am thumbnailing away on a couple of comic scripts for a couple of anthologies. Both are autobio, talkin’ about queer/ace/trans stuff. More shall be revealed

Valley of the Silk Sky page 65 is up!

The latest installment of VotSS chapter 7 is now on-line for yer viewing pleasure: on the Valley of the Silk Sky website on Tapastic on Studio NDR Let’s just say next laundry day is gonna be a doozy. IN OTHER NEWS: I’m in the process of putting together QAT Person #2, which collects more of my autobio comics into minicomic

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 7 begins!

The hiatus is over – now let’s find out just what the heck went down at the waystation. Read page 64 here: on Tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR Seeing as it’s been, cough, six months since the last VotSS installment, now might be a good time to rattle the ol’ cup. Valley of the Silk Sky is a project

New comic for Illustrated PEN

Here we go! New comic up on the state of my brain post-election: This is part of a series of comics by a bunch of different folks, aptly titled State of Emergency. EDIT: The link broke, apparently because they moved servers last night. Here’s the link for all the State of Emergency comics. Cheers, Dylan

2017 events, and new comics on the way

Finally updated my Appearances page with my 2017 show schedule. I’ll add more events as they’re confirmed, but so far this is what I have planned. I just recently finished a new autobio comic for Illustrated Pen, which is scheduled to go live in the next couple of weeks. Once it’s up I will, of course, provide a link, but