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Valley of the Silk Sky page 54 is up

VotSS page 54 is here, and it features a Very Large Elevator Indeed. Read it here: on the Valley of the Silk Sky tumbs on Tapastic on Studio NDR Also, someone’s Precious BB Fluffykins. Speaking of which … okay, not actually really, but ANYWAY. I mentioned previously that I was going to make a POD print book of Valley of

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 6 commences, and what’s this KGNU interview?

At long last, Valley of the Silk Sky has returned from hiatus, and we can now step gingerly into Part Two. Thus do I present unto you the start of chapter 6 on page 53: read it on the VoSS tumblr or on Tapastic or on Studio NDR One of the things that became clear to me at Emerald City

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 6 will begin next week

Part Two will commence with Chapter 6 on April 20! In the meantime, Here’s a public Patreon post with some bonus art of Hali. Should you need to get caught up on the story but don’t want to wade through webcomic archives, don’t forget you can download a digital edition of Part One either from Gumroad or ComiXology. Also, if

Emerald City Comic Con is nigh

Heading out to Seattle today for Emerald City Comic Con! In general you’ll be able to find me and/or my books at the Northwest Press booth #1227. I’m also on two panels: Queercopia on Saturday April 9 from 2:45-3:45 PM, and Queer Comics for Kids and Teens on Sunday April 10 from 1:15-2:15 PM. Both are in room T305. Look,

Emerald City Comic Con approaches!

Yikes, ECCC is kicking off in just over a week! It’ll go from April 7-10, 2016. I’ll be tabling with Northwest Press at booth 1227 all weekend, so that’s where you should head to find my books and my new minicomics. Wait, what? New minicomics? Yes indeed! I’ll have copies of QAT Person, a collection of autobio comics about being

Valley of the Silk Sky pencils! Anomaly Con, Emerald City Comic Con appearances!

Chapter 6 pencils are done! Hooray! Now it’s on to inking and painting. Which means I’m on track to start running the chapter in April, probably after I get back from Emerald City Comic Con. Yes indeed, I shall be at ECCC (April 7-10, 2016). You can find me at the Northwest Press​ booth #1227. I’ll also be on the

Valley of the Silk Sky is nominated for a DINKy Award!

The nominees for the inaugural DINKy Awards have been announced, and Valley of the Silk Sky is in the running! It’s been nominated for Outstanding Work from Colorado. The winners will be announced on March 26, at the end of the first DINK Expo. (Also, let this serve as your periodic reminder that VotSS is available as a hi-res PDF

Beyond gets a Lammy nom! VoSS progress report!

Just got word yesterday that the Beyond Anthology is a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Anthology! Great news to hear, and big congrats to the editors, Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts, as well as all the other contributors, for making such an excellent book. The print book is sold out of the online store, so

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run Part One

Oh, hey, look at that! The PDF for Part One of Valley of the Silk Sky is available on Gumroad right this very now! Buy Valley of the Silk Sky PDF This collects chapters 1-5, and features hi-res images of the art so you can zoom in and see all the little details you missed. Or, if you are one

Valley of the Silk Sky page 52 closes out Chapter 5, and Part One

Page 52 is up, and it is pretty darn gay! Observe the gayness: on the VoSS website on Tapastic on Studio NDR And with that, Chapter 5 is done, and Part One is complete. NOW WHAT, you wonder. Next up, I’ll be releasing a digital edition of Part One so you can read it offline. If you are one of