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Valley of the Silk Sky – The Long Run page 8

VoSS page 8 is here for your viewing pleasure, and features a THRILLING, ACTION-PACKED economic exchange! Where can you read it? Why, here: on Tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR Just a wee little reminder that the cultures of the Valley have no specific concept of gender, so everyone’s nonbinary by default, hence the “xe/xer” pronouns. More VoSS news! The

VoSS: The Long Run page 7, plus Queer Pin-Up playing cards!

Oh, wow, Valley of the Silk Sky page 7 already, wherein we are treated to an EXCITING, ACTION-PACKED discussion of economics! You may seek these thrills here: on Tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR The Valley has very unusual geography, which makes it host to countless microclimates. The resulting epic levels of biodiversity mean there are jillions of rare species

VoSS – The Long Run page 6

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run page 6 is here, is now. Is dialogue! You want read: Here on Tumblr Here on Tapastic Here on Studio NDR Juuuust in case it’s not obvious from context, that gesture Razi is making in panel 3 is the Pocali equivalent of a middle finger. Re: clothing: if you’re wearing bright colors

VoSS: The Long Run page 5 – Welcome to Duvane

Page 5 of Valley of the Silk Sky is now up! “Welcome to Duvane: You Probably Won’t Get Eaten Here!” Here’s where you can see it: The Valley of the Silk Sky Tumblr site on Tapastic or here on Studio NDR If you’re here because of the anti-Valentine’s Day cards, I dunno, perhaps you might be interested in my current

VoSS – The Long Run page 4

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run page 4 is actually a PSA suggesting that perhaps stopping to smell the flowers is not such a great idea after all. Point your eyeballs thisaway: here on tumblr here on Tapastic here on Studio NDR I am in the midst of coloring page 10, which I will probably finish today. Will

Valley of the Silk Sky: “The Long Run” page 3 – A PROTAGONIST EMERGES

Check back next week to find out whether or not xe* got eaten already. Where can you see this frabjuous page? Here on Tumblr Here on Tapastic Here on Studio NDR * Quick note about pronouns: I expand on this more in the VoSS FAQ, but the TL;DR version is that cultures of the Pocalo Valley don’t have a concept

VoSS – The Long Run page 2

With page 2 of Valley of the Silk Sky, our aerial survey of the valley continues. The settlement on the lower right is called Duvane, and there’s a reason it’s not on the ground. Not that the sky is a whole lot safer, it would seem. So many choices of where to see the page! here on the Valley of

PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

Lots of stuff to run through today! This is the last Politically InQueerect post for awhile, but it does feature Todd’s hairy chest, so you can’t say I never gave ya nothin’. I will obviously babble more about PiQue once the Old Ghosts book is out, but for the foreseeable future my comic energies are bent (har har) towards …

Taxo Unbo today, VoSS emminent

The title to this post is hilariously meaningless if you don’t know my wacky shorthand (wackronyms?). Taxo Unbo = Taxonomically Unbound, VoSS = Valley of the Silk Sky. Anyway, point being, I’ve posted a new Taxonomically Unbound today, and you can read it here on Studio NDR, or here on Tapastic. Meanwhile, Valley of the Silk Sky is set to

The last of the PiQues, the start of something new

The second half of Politically InQueerect’s storyline “Typical” is now up on Tapastic! Lookit that old CRT monitor. And the excitement over receiving email rather than a sigh of relief over an empty inbox. How times have changed … … speaking of changing times, that’s about it for PiQue. I do believe I’ve gone through all the old comics at