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VoSS chapter 2 wraps up, and Denver Comic Con approaches

The conclusion to chapter 2 awaits you at these locations: the VoSS website Tapastic Studio NDR AND SO. Chapter 3 will begin on June 3 (or June 1 if you’re a $1+ Patron). I’m excited for this, because it has taken every ounce of my willpower not to spoilerize the crap out of Chapter 3. It’s Just Gonna Be Like

Valley of the Silk Sky page 17 comes out of hiding

VoSS: The Long Run page 17 is up! It was last spotted in these locations: here on the VoSS Tumblr website here on Tapastic here on Studio NDR Come to think of it, the whole “you’re getting warmer/colder” idiom for directing someone to a hidden object would work well for the Daraz. In other VoSS news, I’m plowing through coloring

VoSS page 16 is up, Queers & Comics Conference is nigh

It was very difficult not to post this page immediately after (or, indeed, before) I finished it. BUT IT IS HERE NOW: here on Tumblr here on Tapastic here on Studio NDR Speaking of being places, I’ll be at the Queers & Comics Conference in New York this week, May 7-8. I’m on three panels: May 7 it’s Queer Memoir

Reviews for Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts, Queers & Comics Conference, reading in NYC

A couple more reviews for the new PiQue collection from Northwest Press have come in: The Lambda Literary Review says it’s “an insightful, humorous and unique comic.” Over at Panel Patter, they declare it to be “a fun, clever story, somewhat akin to a drawing room comedy.” And don’t forget the Queers & Comics Conference, which is nearly upon us.

VoSS chapter 2 begins!

Chapter 2 of Valley of the Silk Sky begins! These creatures are Daraz (species) Harcos (warrior/hunter caste). Harcos are non-reproducing members of the species. Read the new page here: on the VoSS Tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR I’ve already got a couple of appendix posts up about the Daraz, if you’re in a world-building mood: Infrared Vision Social structure

Page 14 is up, and Chapter 1 of Valley of the Silk Sky is complete!

Yes, indeed. The final page of chapter 1 of The Long Run is here: on the VoSS Tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR Now might be a good time to read the whole thing through in one sitting, yeah? If you want pagination, here’s page 1 on the Tumbs, and on Studio NDR. If you prefer endless scrolling, head over

New Taxo Unbo

I completely forgot to upload this here until just now, because I’m a terrible person I guess. (I’m sure jillions of people noticed but were too polite to say anything.) ANYWAY. Here is a new Taxonomically Unbound. I’m late in posting this because I’ve been too busy penciling chapter 3 of Valley of the Silk Sky. I just finished pencils

Valley of the Silk Sky page 13

VoSS page 13 has groggily stumbled out of bed and is now available for your viewing pleasure: on the VoSS website on Tapastic on Studio NDR Many of the merchants setting up shop in the markets here are from one of the upper provinces, bringing down goods (especially food items) that are not otherwise easily available in Muru. I used

Two Taxos, and HAVENCON gosh darnit

Got two Taxonomically Unbound comics up today, since I apparently didn’t manage to get one posted last week (travel + convention madness are to blame). But they’re up now and you can read them here and here. They’re also on Tapastic here and here, if that’s your preferred delivery method. Finally, don’t forget that I’ll be at HavenCon in Austin,

VoSS page 12 and Haven Con

Page 12 of Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run is up, and it features a poor attempt at lying. Observe: on the VoSS tumblr site on Tapastic on Studio NDR Coming up this weekend, April 4-5, is HavenCon, and LGBTQIA geek and gaming convention in Austin, TX. I’ll be there with all of my sweet, delicious comics, and