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SPX this weekend! Come to the thing!

It is time once again for the Small Press Expo to commence! This weekend, September 17-18, 2016, you will find me at the MARRIOTT NORTH BETHESDA HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER. [Dunt dunt dunn] I’ll be ensconced at the Northwest Press table D2. Also, as you may recall, the Beyond Anthology is nominated for an Ignatz Award, so like vote for

Awards and noms

Exciting news! That comic I did for Fusion last year, “How I told My Grandma I’m Transgender,” has won the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Award for Excellence in Transgender Coverage! HOW. COOL. IS. THAT. (Answer: it’s pretty darn cool.) If you’d like to have a copy of this comic in print format, remember you can buy the minicomic

FlameCon this weekend, Valley of the Silk Sky progress report

This very weekend, August 20-21, you can find me at FlameCon in Brooklyn, NY! I’m super excited about this queer comics convention. If you, also, are excited about queer comics and are in NY, come to the thing. I’ll be at table 17 with Eric Arroyo and Kou Chen, and will also be participating in the Queercopia Readings at noon

SDCC approacheth

San Diego Comic Con (or Comic Con International, if you prefer) is next week! Am I ready? Is anyone ready? As per previous years, you can find me and my books at the Northwest Press section of the PRISM Comics booth #2144. I’m also on two panels this year: Queer Representation in All-Ages and Youth Media Friday, July 22 at

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 6 is complete!

Page 63 is up, and that’s a wrap on chapter 6! Read the SHOCKING CONCLUSION here: on the VotSS website on Tapastic on Studio NDR If you want to read the whole thing from the start, or to pick a specific chapter head, might I recommend this link: Start Here: Table of Contents So, what next, you ask. Right now

Valley of the Silk Sky page 62, and Denver Zine Fest

New page of VotSS is up, and it may contain SHOREFADOWING. It may be read at any of these fine locations: on the VotSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR If you came to Denver Comic Con or Denver Pride this past weekend and stopped by either booth I was at, thank you! I’m not sure I’m gonna double-book like

Valley of the Silk Sky page 61, Denver Comic Con, and Denver Pride

VotSS page 61 is up, and it features SARDONIC HAIR FLIPS OF DOOM. Read here: on the Valley of the Silk Sky website on Tapastic on Studio NDR Just in case you’re curious: while Chadsen is not biologically related to Beneke and Amihan, xe was fostered by them as a teen, so there’s more than a little parent/child dynamic to

Valley of the Silk Sky page 60, CAKE, and Beyond!

First up, if you’re a giant nerd and want to read all about my linguistic choices for Valley of the Silk Sky, I answered an ask on Tumblr about that very subject. Valley of the Silk Sky page 60 is up, and it features THRILLING DISCUSSIONS of GRANT MONEY ALLOCATION. Witness the shocking revelations here: VoSS tumblr Tapastic Studio NDR

Valley of the Silk Sky page 59

Page 59 of Valley of the Silk Sky is up, and it contains SARCASM. Witness the atrocity here: on the VotSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR If you read my story in the Beyond Anthology, you will no doubt recognize Beneke and Amihan and their Lab of Much Science. WisCon went really, really well! I’m super happy about it

Valley of the Silk Sky page 58, and WisCon

Valley of the Silk Sky page 58 is up, and it’s got you covered for weird plants and weird architecture. Observe: on the VoSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR I’m experimenting with a new way of saving large image files, so this page SHOULD load much faster than previous pages. The question now is whether I go back and