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OUT FRONT Magazine – April 2024 – Puff Puff

OUT FRONT Magazine – April 2024 – Puff Puff published on

The April issue of OUT FRONT Magazine has a 420 theme, so here I am remembering to post on 4-20. My comic for this issue is a drag burlesque with, shockingly, a plethora of puns. You’ll find the whole comic on page 6:



Our Flag Means Death fan art – Izzy in drag, and digital color practice

Our Flag Means Death fan art – Izzy in drag, and digital color practice published on

For the most part, I’ve just been posting my fan art creations on social media (Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter specifically), but this one I wanted to show here as a before/after thing, comparing my first ever effort at digital coloring with my most recent. So here’s the just-completed Izzy in Drag piece, line art done in natural media, coloring done in Photoshop:

And now, for comparison, my very first attempt at a digitally-colored comic (for this one, the line art was also digital, drawn with a tablet that is functionally little more than a glorified track pad, and is the same tablet I used in coloring the Izzy piece):
Taxonomically Unbound puns about math and food

I would say that’s a bit of an improvement, no? To be fair, I did install a bunch of digital brushes in the intervening 13 years, so I had more texture options for coloring Izzy. Even so, I have learned a lot about flatting and clipping masks and transparency and so forth.

This is all self-taught, by the way. I would love to take a class in digital coloring someday, but it ain’t happened yet.



OUT FRONT Magazine – April 2022

OUT FRONT Magazine – April 2022 published on

Maybe what you need in your life today is a stoner vampire drag queen who drops bad puns without mercy or remorse? How the hell should I know.

BUT, should you dare, you will find Mx. Vape on Page 6 of the April 2022 issue of OUT FRONT Magazine.



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