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New Taxo Unbo

I completely forgot to upload this here until just now, because I’m a terrible person I guess. (I’m sure jillions of people noticed but were too polite to say anything.) ANYWAY. Here is a new Taxonomically Unbound. I’m late in posting this because I’ve been too busy penciling chapter 3 of Valley of the Silk Sky. I just finished pencils

Two Taxos, and HAVENCON gosh darnit

Got two Taxonomically Unbound comics up today, since I apparently didn’t manage to get one posted last week (travel + convention madness are to blame). But they’re up now and you can read them here and here. They’re also on Tapastic here and here, if that’s your preferred delivery method. Finally, don’t forget that I’ll be at HavenCon in Austin,

Taxo Unbo returns! Pre-ECCC panel at Gay City Arts in Seattle!

I’ve put together a couple more Taxonomically Unbounds. New one just posted here on Studio NDR. It’s also up on Tapastic and Tumblr, if those are your preferred delivery methods. I actually have quite a backlog of awful punnery to cartoonify (as you already know if you follow me on Twitter), but my main focus is on Valley of the

Taxo Unbo today, VoSS emminent

The title to this post is hilariously meaningless if you don’t know my wacky shorthand (wackronyms?). Taxo Unbo = Taxonomically Unbound, VoSS = Valley of the Silk Sky. Anyway, point being, I’ve posted a new Taxonomically Unbound today, and you can read it here on Studio NDR, or here on Tapastic. Meanwhile, Valley of the Silk Sky is set to

Some PiQue and Taxo Unbo to make you groan

This week’s PiQue update on Tapastic has a whopping four pages. This is the first half of the first multi-page story I’d ever written for Todd & Archer, back in 2003. It definitely shows some of the weaknesses of a first attempt, but Todd’s arc still strikes me as amusing. I have to say, they’re both exceptionally loathsome in this

PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS

  So yeah, I guess I just flat out spaced on updating here? It’s all reruns anyway; I figured it being the holidays basically no one would be paying attention. NEVERTHELESS, here’s what I’ve posted on Tapastic and Tumblr since last time: Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 5 of 5, Taxonomically Unbound: The Wilde Adventures of Oscar Wilde, and Taxonomically