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New autobio comic: “Gig in Japan” at The Comics Journal

New autobio comic: “Gig in Japan” at The Comics Journal published on
Mejibray Visual Kei metal show autobio comic

I made a diary comic about going to a heavy metal show in Japan, and the first installment is up at The Comics Journal. There’ll be a new page each day this week! I’m not going to spam you with posts for each new installment, but once it wraps I’ll post another link so you can read the whole thing.

Also, because I am a giant nerd, I made a soundtrack for this comic. You can find the playlist here on the You Tubes.



New autobio comic: Con Crud Conqueror!

New autobio comic: Con Crud Conqueror! published on
con crud convention tips PSA comic

True fact: I did not get con crud in 2019. I decided to make a PSA comic about the new addition to my routine to share this knowledge.

You can download a free printable PDF of this comic from my Patreon:

If you want to share this on the social mediums, here are the relevant Twitter and Tumblr posts:

Thank you to my Patrons, whose support enabled me to create this comic and make it available for free distribution. If you found this information useful, please consider becoming my Patron for as little as $1 a month, or you can leave a one-time donation on my Ko-Fi page:



Ace Pilot page 2, a podcast, and Valley of the Silk Sky news

Ace Pilot page 2, a podcast, and Valley of the Silk Sky news published on
Ace Pilot - queer asexual trans autobio comic

Ace Pilot page 2 is here and is read for your eyeballs!

The autobio saga continues to unfold, as Halloween costumes and Yoda are deployed (but not Halloween costumes of Yoda, strangely enough).

To see all the pages that have been posted so far, click ye here.

Queer Words

But what’s all this about a podcast?

So yeah, turns out I was interviewed by Queer Words, a podcast that features authors of the LGBTQIA variety, and you can listen to that very podcast now. I’m pretty sure I said some things about queer comics.

Valley of the Silk Sky news

Finally, I have finished coloring the remastered version of “Medicine; Run,” which I still fully intend to debut at DiNK in a couple of weeks.

“Oh, wow, so it’s finished, eh?”

LOL, no. I still have to clean up the scans, reletter, format for minicomic, and print. Oh, and draw the cover. BUT, the bulk of the work is done.

So. Still whittling away, but soon. SOON.



Ace Pilot commences!

Ace Pilot commences! published on
Ace Pilot queer asexual trans autobio comic

As mentioned last week, I’ll be running a webcomic edition of my story Ace Pilot, which was originally published in the Secret Loves of Geeks anthology from Dark Horse.

Ace Pilot is a short autobio comic examining the intersections of queer, asexual, and trans identity, as told through a nerdy obsession with Star Wars. 

You can read the first page here on Studio NDR, and here on Patreon.

Ordinarily I’d also be uploading these pages to Tumblr as well, but since this is such a short piece (5 whole pages), I’m going to hold off on publishing them individually. I’ll do a single post with the whole story once it’s wrapped.



More autobio funs, and what’s in store for 2019

More autobio funs, and what’s in store for 2019 published on

Draw Out the Vote - Colorado

Continuing with my efforts to add comics to my website that were originally published elsewhere, here’s the piece I originally created for the 2018 Draw Out the Vote project from Oni Press. Cartoonists from each of the 50 states discussed political issues relevant to their state, and why voting is an important part of addressing those issues. My comic focused on LGBT issues in Colorado.

Anyhow, this is now posted to the here in the Autobio Comics section of good ol’ Studio NDR.

But what of 2019, you ask?

I made a public Patreon post going into some detail regarding my comic makin’ plans for this year.

The TL;DR: version is more Valley of the Silk Sky, including a new minicomic, a new issue of QAT Person, and further pun horrors with Taxonomically Unbound.

Anyway, I seem to be having yet more website issues, so I guess I’ll drop everything and go troubleshoot that now. Cool!


New Nibbles and other news

New Nibbles and other news published on

Dylan Edwards - The Nib - Trans Visibility

This is not actually a NEW new comic, just one I realized I had forgotten to post here on the ol’ home site. It was originally published by The Nib way back in June of 2018 as part of their Response feature on transgender stuffs.

You can read all the Response comics here on The Nib’s site, or you can read just my comic here on Studio NDR.

As for t’other news:

I had meant to have enough Taxonomically Unbound comics done to last through the end of the year. That didn’t quite happen, on account of various things exploded (my creaky old version of Photoshop, my website, my other website), and I have spent much of this month Dealing With Trying to Get Basic Things Working Again instead of making new art.

One of my temporary solutions to the Photoshop explosion problem was to download Clip Studio Paint, a graphics program that’s more specifically designed for comics creation. I have not actually had time to learn how to use it due to the various website explosions, but one of my goals for the coming weeks is to at least dip into the basics. Probably gonna make some new Taxo Unbos as part of my practice efforts.

I’m also working on a bunch of Valley of the Silk Sky stuff, about which I shall go into more detail next week as a sort of What to Expect in 2019 post. SO. Stay tooned!



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