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OUT FRONT Magazine – May 2022 issue

OUT FRONT Magazine – May 2022 issue published on

This month’s OUT FRONT Magazine is all about Health and Wellness!

My comic for this issue explores the impact of our current political climate on the mental health of my queer and trans brain.

You can read the online edition here (I’m on page 6):



OUT FRONT Magazine – March 2022

OUT FRONT Magazine – March 2022 published on

If you would like a break from the relentless onslaught of horrornews, might I suggest my comic about homebody drag kings in this month’s issue of OUT FRONT Magazine?

WARNING – may contain puns and moral turpitude, so proceed with caution to page 6:



OUT FRONT Magazine – February 2022 issue, plus e-commerce stuff

OUT FRONT Magazine – February 2022 issue, plus e-commerce stuff published on

The latest OUT FRONT Magazine is on the stands now (if you’re in the Denver area, that is), and I have a new comic in there! This seemed like a good issue to do a comic looking at just a few of the different manifestations that asexuality can take.

You can read the magazine online via their website (I’m on page 6).

I also made a public Patreon post wherein I go into some detail about the coloring choices for this comic.

E-commerce? What?

If you are not hooked into cartoonist Twitter, there’s been a big, BIG explosion this morning regarding Gumroad as a platform for selling indie comics. I’m not sure I want to get into the whole story here, but suffice it to say, Gumroad decided to take what could have been a very minor problem and dealt with it in a professional manner. Instead, they apparently, for reasons that are absolutely opaque to me, decided they’d rather bully and abuse a huge swath of creators in public, on Twitter, and then delete a bunch of those abusive tweets.

I have not quite picked my jaw up off the floor from seeing how badly they handled this whole thing. But it made me not trust them as a company going forward. My problem now is that I have to figure out a new platform for selling my self-published work. Since all of this blew up just this morning, I haven’t had a chance to figure out yet what my new thing is going to be. It may take me some days to sort it out (this is the kind of thing I dread having to deal with even under normal circumstances, nevermind the current howling mess).

I am also currently sidelined to some extent. My left shoulder, a.k.a. my drawing shoulder, seized up the other day, and I have not been able to un-seize it, no matter how much I rest or stretch or worry it with trigger point massagers. So I’m going back to physical therapy, but that’s a bit over a week away. As such, my time on the computer and at the drafting table is limited for awhile yet.

ANYWAY, once I sort out my new biz for selling comics online, I will post about it here.



OUT FRONT Magazine – January 2022

OUT FRONT Magazine – January 2022 published on

Why yes, I do indeed have a new comic in the January 2022 issue of OUT FRONT Magazine! Grab a print copy if you’re in the general vicinity of Denver, CO, or read online here (I’m on page 6):



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