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New comic up on The Nib – Banned Books; CXC this weekend

I have a new comic up on The Nib, as part of their Banned Books feature. Be sure to check out all six comics, with a bunch of different artists discussing their fave banned books! As you can see, I elected to talk about Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. When I was working on Transposes, I studied FH closely for tips

STAPLE! this weekend, New Threadless store, and a shout-out from Buzzfeed

              I’ll be returning to the STAPLE! Independent Media Expo for the first time in 4 years! It’s happening this weekend, September 9-10, in good ol’ Austin, Texas. This will be the convention debut of my new enamel pins, the Caterpillar and the Catstronaut, so come snag ‘em while they’re hot! (Or if you

QAT Person 2 on Gumroad, Butch coloring book, WisCon approaches, and more

Lots of announcements to make! First up, I added my newest minicomic to my Gumroad store. QAT Person 2 contains comics I’ve done for The Nib and PEN America, as well as some extras. So if you’ve been wanting print versions of those, here ’tis! I also have two illustrations in the upcoming Butch Lesbians of the ’20s, ’30’s, and

DiNKy business

DiNK Denver is coming up this weekend (April 8-9, 2017), and I will be there with a pile o’ comics for sale! I’m one of the local artists profiled in this here Westword article. I will also be on a panel on Sunday April 9 at 2:15 – Cultural Influences of the LGBTQ Community on Indie Art And. AND. Valley

Valley of the Silk Sky page 65 is up!

The latest installment of VotSS chapter 7 is now on-line for yer viewing pleasure: on the Valley of the Silk Sky website on Tapastic on Studio NDR Let’s just say next laundry day is gonna be a doozy. IN OTHER NEWS: I’m in the process of putting together QAT Person #2, which collects more of my autobio comics into minicomic

SPX this weekend! Come to the thing!

It is time once again for the Small Press Expo to commence! This weekend, September 17-18, 2016, you will find me at the MARRIOTT NORTH BETHESDA HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER. [Dunt dunt dunn] I’ll be ensconced at the Northwest Press table D2. Also, as you may recall, the Beyond Anthology is nominated for an Ignatz Award, so like vote for

FlameCon this weekend, Valley of the Silk Sky progress report

This very weekend, August 20-21, you can find me at FlameCon in Brooklyn, NY! I’m super excited about this queer comics convention. If you, also, are excited about queer comics and are in NY, come to the thing. I’ll be at table 17 with Eric Arroyo and Kou Chen, and will also be participating in the Queercopia Readings at noon

Valley of the Silk Sky page 58, and WisCon

Valley of the Silk Sky page 58 is up, and it’s got you covered for weird plants and weird architecture. Observe: on the VoSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR I’m experimenting with a new way of saving large image files, so this page SHOULD load much faster than previous pages. The question now is whether I go back and

VoSS page 56, and TCAF!

Valley of the Silk Sky page 56 is up! Read it here: on the VoSS tumblr on Tapastic on Studio NDR CAN CHADSEN WEAVE XER WAY THROUGH THE PERILOUS BUREAUCRACY??? Speaking of passports, I am headed to Canada this weekend for TCAF! If you’re in Toronto and you like comics, you should definitely come to this thing. Attendance is FREE.

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 6 commences, and what’s this KGNU interview?

At long last, Valley of the Silk Sky has returned from hiatus, and we can now step gingerly into Part Two. Thus do I present unto you the start of chapter 6 on page 53: read it on the VoSS tumblr or on Tapastic or on Studio NDR One of the things that became clear to me at Emerald City