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An Anthology of Anthology Announcements

An Anthology of Anthology Announcements published on
We're Still Here all-transgender comics anthology

I’m excited to announce that We’re Still Here, the all-trans comic anthology in which I have a short story, has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award! If you haven’t already snagged a copy of this book, you can do so from Stacked Deck Press.

I realize I’m biased and all, but this really is an excellent collection of comics offering a multitude of perspectives of the trans experience.

Monster Journey all-trans masculine anthology

I also just got my comps of the Monster Journey anthology, featuring monster-themed stories by trans masc creators. This is not yet generally available, but I will have a very (VERY) small number available for sale at DiNK in April. I have a brand new Valley of the Silk Sky short story in here, of which $1+ Patrons have gotten some work-in-progress peeks. Soon you’ll be able to read the whole darn thing!

Meanwhile, I just got the rights back to my short story, Ace Pilot, that was originally published in the Dark Horse anthology Secret Loves of Geeks. So my next webcomic serialization will be that story. Starting Monday, March 11, $1+ Patrons will get early access to the comic, and it’ll go up for the general public on Thursdays.

Finally, I’m still working on coloring my Valley of the Silk Sky short story, “Medicine; Run,” that was originally published in the Beyond Anthology. $1+ Patrons have been getting sneak peeks at that work in progress as well, natch. I’m about 75% done, so still on track to release it as a minicomic in time for DiNK. I’ll also be running it as a webcomic once Ace Pilot wraps up.

In other words, lots of comics coming your way!

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 9 commences; DiNK is this weekend!

Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 9 commences; DiNK is this weekend! published on

Valley of the Silk Sky - The Long Run

Yes indeed, Chapter 9 has begun, and you can read the first page here:

As you might maybe have possibly heard, the entirety of chapters 6-10 are collected into the newest Valley of the Silk Sky book, The Long Run Part Two. As you may have noticed, Chapter 9 only just started posting online, so you can read ahead by way of this tome, which may be obtained here:



DiNK this weekend

Unfortunately, I won’t have my own copies of the book in time for DiNK this weekend (April 14-15, 2018), but I shall be there nonetheless.

I’ll be at table 232 on the second floor, and I’ll also be on three panels:

4/14 at 4:45 PM – Back to the Drawing Board: Non Digital Mediums for Creating Comics
DiNK 2018 panel Back to the Drawing Board

4/15 at 1:30 PM – What is Queer: Discussions of Identity in Independent Comics
DiNK 2018 panel What is Queer

4/15 at 2:45 PM – Creating Comics and Community in Colorado
DiNK 2018 panel Creating Comics Community in Colorado

So! Come to by table and buy some comics, come to these panels and hear a bunch of cartoonists talk about comics. You cannot lose.



Valley of the Silk Sky Part Two print book out for proof, convention news

Valley of the Silk Sky Part Two print book out for proof, convention news published on

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run Part Two

Yes indeed, I have finished up the art for chapters 9 and 10, put together a cover, assembled everything in InDesign, and lo, off to the printer it goes.

I just ordered the proof this morning, so the next step (after getting it in my hands and peering at it with my eyeballs) is to check it for errors and then either smash the “publish” button or fix whatever needs fixing and proof it again.

Based on past turnaround times, this has me on track for a TCAF debut. So if you’re gonna be in Toronto for their very fine Comic Arts Festival, you will be able to purchase said volume at that time. If you will NOT be in Toronto, fear not. The book will be available for online order, and I will of course have it at all the other conventions I’m doing this year.

Speaking of conventions, I got off the wait list for STAPLE! (yay!), so looks like I’ll be in Austin in September.

Next show coming up is DiNK here in Denver, just a scant two weeks away. While I won’t have copies of the new VotSS book in time to sell there, I should have a proof you can peruse (unless it turns out looking terrible, in which case no).

ANYHOW. TL;DR: lots of things soon!



DiNKy business

DiNKy business published on No Comments on DiNKy business

queer and trans comics by Dylan Edwards

DiNK Denver is coming up this weekend (April 8-9, 2017), and I will be there with a pile o’ comics for sale! I’m one of the local artists profiled in this here Westword article.

I will also be on a panel on Sunday April 9 at 2:15 – Cultural Influences of the LGBTQ Community on Indie Art

And. AND. Valley of the Silk Sky is nominated for a DiNKy Award for Best Webcomic!

If you’ll be in Denver this weekend, please come to the show and support indie creators!


Back in November I was interviewed by American View magazine, a publication of the U.S. Embassy in Japan which seeks to bring American culture to a Japanese audience. Well, that interview is now live! It’s available in both English and Japanese (there’s a button at the top right to switch languages), so you have no excuse not to read it.

Finally, I’m wrapping up a comic I’ve been working on for an upcoming anthology. I got really sick this past month and there was other family stuff going on, so my productivity has been very slow of late. I’m gradually getting back on track, though, so hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to show off soon.

As per usual, my $1+ Patreons are getting sneak peeks at works in progress, as well as behind-the-scenes fun. A mere one dollar a month snags you these fine perks, and helps keep me creating new stuff. Pitch in if you can!



Valley of the Silk Sky is nominated for a DINKy Award!

Valley of the Silk Sky is nominated for a DINKy Award! published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky is nominated for a DINKy Award!

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA science fiction comic

The nominees for the inaugural DINKy Awards have been announced, and Valley of the Silk Sky is in the running! It’s been nominated for Outstanding Work from Colorado. The winners will be announced on March 26, at the end of the first DINK Expo.

(Also, let this serve as your periodic reminder that VotSS is available as a hi-res PDF if you wanna be able to read the story offline. Wink wonk.)

I am unfortunately not tabling at DINK this year because I had already committed to another show before their dates were announced. I’ll be at Anomaly Con March 25-26. But I’m hoping DINK does well and there’s not a conflict next year, because I’d definitely like to participate.

I do have a Denver comics event coming up this Friday:

comics reading at Blair Caldwell African American Research Library

I’m part of a group of comic creators who will be tabling at this event at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library. That’s happening this Friday, March 18, from 2:30 – 4:30 PM.

It’s free to attend, and I’ll have a couple of new minicomics out for sale, so you should come by if you can!



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