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Queers & Comics Conference is this weekend! And: new Valley of the Silk Sky short story!

Queers & Comics Conference is this weekend! And: new Valley of the Silk Sky short story! published on

I’m off to NYC this weekend for the Queers & Comics Conference!

Valley of the Silk Sky: Medicine Run

I’ll be on two panels:

Friday, May 17, 4:15 – 5:30 PM – Too Ace for This: Crafting Asexual and Aromantic Comics

Saturday, May 18, 2:15 – 3:30 PM – Falling Through the Cracks: Finding Space for Trans Masculine Creators

You can view the full panel schedule here. If you’re going to be in New York and you love queer comics, come check it out!

AND BUT ALSO: New Valley of the Silk Sky!

I’ve put together a minicomic of the remastered edition of “Medicine; Run,” which was originally published in the Beyond Anthology. It’s now in full color, with some edits to bring the story more in line with official VotSS canon. So if you wanna read it all in one go, snag yourself a copy of the mini.

I’m also publishing “Medicine; Run” as a weekly webcomic over on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, and on the VotSS Tumblr.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’ll run it on Studio NDR, but if I do it’ll probably be all at once after the whole thing has finished running. Mostly that’s because I’m already completely overwhelmed and have a very busy summer coming up, so I need to cut myself some slack somewhere.

But yes, things and stuff. Come to the conference, and read some VotSS comics!



Ace Pilot page 2, a podcast, and Valley of the Silk Sky news

Ace Pilot page 2, a podcast, and Valley of the Silk Sky news published on
Ace Pilot - queer asexual trans autobio comic

Ace Pilot page 2 is here and is read for your eyeballs!

The autobio saga continues to unfold, as Halloween costumes and Yoda are deployed (but not Halloween costumes of Yoda, strangely enough).

To see all the pages that have been posted so far, click ye here.

Queer Words

But what’s all this about a podcast?

So yeah, turns out I was interviewed by Queer Words, a podcast that features authors of the LGBTQIA variety, and you can listen to that very podcast now. I’m pretty sure I said some things about queer comics.

Valley of the Silk Sky news

Finally, I have finished coloring the remastered version of “Medicine; Run,” which I still fully intend to debut at DiNK in a couple of weeks.

“Oh, wow, so it’s finished, eh?”

LOL, no. I still have to clean up the scans, reletter, format for minicomic, and print. Oh, and draw the cover. BUT, the bulk of the work is done.

So. Still whittling away, but soon. SOON.



An Anthology of Anthology Announcements

An Anthology of Anthology Announcements published on
We're Still Here all-transgender comics anthology

I’m excited to announce that We’re Still Here, the all-trans comic anthology in which I have a short story, has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award! If you haven’t already snagged a copy of this book, you can do so from Stacked Deck Press.

I realize I’m biased and all, but this really is an excellent collection of comics offering a multitude of perspectives of the trans experience.

Monster Journey all-trans masculine anthology

I also just got my comps of the Monster Journey anthology, featuring monster-themed stories by trans masc creators. This is not yet generally available, but I will have a very (VERY) small number available for sale at DiNK in April. I have a brand new Valley of the Silk Sky short story in here, of which $1+ Patrons have gotten some work-in-progress peeks. Soon you’ll be able to read the whole darn thing!

Meanwhile, I just got the rights back to my short story, Ace Pilot, that was originally published in the Dark Horse anthology Secret Loves of Geeks. So my next webcomic serialization will be that story. Starting Monday, March 11, $1+ Patrons will get early access to the comic, and it’ll go up for the general public on Thursdays.

Finally, I’m still working on coloring my Valley of the Silk Sky short story, “Medicine; Run,” that was originally published in the Beyond Anthology. $1+ Patrons have been getting sneak peeks at that work in progress as well, natch. I’m about 75% done, so still on track to release it as a minicomic in time for DiNK. I’ll also be running it as a webcomic once Ace Pilot wraps up.

In other words, lots of comics coming your way!

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