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Valley of the Silk Sky: “Medicine; Run” proceeds apace; SDCC approaches

Valley of the Silk Sky: “Medicine; Run” proceeds apace; SDCC approaches published on
Valley of the Silk Sky: Medicine Run

If you’re wondering why things have been quiet here these last few weeks, it’s because I’ve been focusing on posting updates over on the Valley of the Silk Sky website.

You can, for example, read several pages of “Medicine; Run” right now, as I work my way through the weekly serialization of this short story.

You can also buy the minicomic edition if you’re impatient, or if you prefer to read in print. Neat!

Will I ever post this short story to Studio NDR? I don’t know! Maybe. I just feel a bit overwhelmed with maintaining a billion websites and social media accounts, ha ha. For now, it lives in its own little corner of the web.

Meanwhile, SDCC

Monster Journey trans masculine comics anthology

Yes, I’ll be there! Once again you can find me in Small Press, where I will be sharing table L-06 with Stacked Deck Press (publisher of We’re Still Here, in which I have a short story, as well as several queer & trans-themed coloring books in which I have illustrations).

I’ll have a few copies of Monster Journey, the all-trans masc anthology from Pocket Bear Press in which I have an exclusive new Valley of the Silk Sky short story.

If you can’t make it to SDCC, you can snag Monster Journey online in either physical or e-book form.

I’m also working on some Feeping Creatures micro zines, featuring a bunch of artwork you probably haven’t seen before, so keep an eyeball out for those as well.

So yeah, been busy, even if I don’t always manage to post about it here!

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