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Valley of the Silk Sky page 36, and a wee bit of Steven Universe fan art

Page 36 of Valley of the Silk Sky is up, and it is not messing around, I tell you what. Read it here: on the VoSS website on Tapastic on Studio NDR I guess I can’t really say anything else about it without spoilerizing, so let us move on to the next thing: A wee bit of Steven Universe fan

Steven Universe AU fan art: Centipeetle Lion

It’s pretty rare for me to feel motivated to do fan art, but after shotgunning all of Steven Universe while I was sick, I was unable to shake from my mind the image of a mashup between Centipeetle and Lion. It’s also on Tumblr, if you’re into that sort of thing. I want a little Centipeetle plushie more than I

Queer scientist-on-scientist action, starring Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottleib

I don’t know what to tell you. There I was, minding my own business, when various unsavory artist friends on Twitter led me down the dark path of Newt/Hermann fan art. Just because I have a weakness for queer scientists and doing drawings of same. Here’s the relevant tumblr post. Other than this sort of filth, I’ve mostly been working

That Cecil x Carlos thing I warned you about

So anyway, here’s this thing. If you want to reblog on tumblr, maybe use this post so I can see all your entertaining tags. I completely forgot to mention, by the way, that there’s a new issue of Rocksalt out, and I have a comic in it. You can read it online. Or if you’re in the central Texas area

I Night Vale fan arted again

Here’s my scribbling of Cecil and Carlos makin’ out in the eerie light of the Glow Cloud. I decided not to ink it and just do digital color over/under the pencils. For fun. Here’s my tublr posting of it, should you wish to tumble it there. I have spent way too much time on this. Cheers, Dylan