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OUT FRONT Magazine – June 2022 issue – OFMD in OFM

OUT FRONT Magazine – June 2022 issue – OFMD in OFM published on

My newest comic for OUT FRONT Magazine is all about the queer rep in Our Flag Means Death, and how the show offers a welcome pushback against rising anti-LGBTQ prejudice. Digital edition is here (I’m on page 24).

Squeezing all of my thoughts and feels about this show down into a half-page comic was basically impossible. In the event you’re yearning for my much more detailed analysis, I have effectively ceded my Tumblr over to the lobe of my brain that is now dedicated to fine-toothed thematic and historical analysis of a gay pirate rom com. I am very much a sucker for media that is so richly crafted you get something new out of it each time you engage with it, noticing new details or themes you had missed before.

I’ve been doing a lot of OFMD fan art as well, but I haven’t been posting it here. If you want to peep it, the easiest way to find it is to hit up the aforementioned Tumblr or my Instagram.



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