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OUT FRONT Magazine – August 2022 issue – music

OUT FRONT Magazine – August 2022 issue – music published on

The August issue of OUT FRONT Magazine is all about music, so of course I had to do a comic about how Judas Priest queered heavy metal. This one has a surprise twist ending, so be sure to read the full comic!

And no, the surprise twist is not that Rob Halford is gay. We’ve known THAT for years.

Denverites can pick up a free print copy of the magazine at one of their drop locations, or you can read the digital edition here (my comic is on page 8):

Our Flag Means Death fan merch - Izzy Hands leather pride sticker

Also, speaking of queer leather culture, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention (again) the Izzy-themed leather pride flag stickers I made for all the Our Flag Means Death pervs. They’re $4 each, free shipping in the U.S., $2 shipping elsewhere in the world (that’s $2 per order, not per sticker, so stock up!). You can find them in my Ko-Fi store.



OUT FRONT Magazine – July 2022 issue: Kinky Geeks, plus Izzy Hands Leather Pride Flag Sticker

OUT FRONT Magazine – July 2022 issue: Kinky Geeks, plus Izzy Hands Leather Pride Flag Sticker published on
Yeah, so, apparently I completely forgot to make a post here to announce my comic in the July issue of OUT FRONT Magazine. Oops. But it works out okay, as I can now make a themed post about a couple of different projects.

ANYHOW, my July comic for OFM focused on Kinky Queers in Geeky Media, for the Kinky Geeks issue. As you can see from the header image, Laszlo Cravensworth from What We Do in the Shadows makes an appearance. You can find the comic on page 6 of the digital issue.

Speaking of kinky queers in geeky media, I made my first ever piece of fan merch, a leather/BDSM pride flag with an Izzy Hands theme:

I had done the heart hands illustration for an anthology zine I’m in (about which I shall reveal more at a later date), and decided to reuse it for a flag design. I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head for awhile, the zine just gave me an excuse to bring it into the world.

These stickers are $4 each, free shipping in the U.S., $2 shipping to the rest of the world. I have them for sale in my Ko-Fi shop, so go snag one if you are of a mind to do so.

I will (hopefully) remember to make a post about my August OFM comic before the month ends, but I haven’t picked up my physical copy yet, so it’ll wait until I manage to do that.



Cannabear Holographic Vinyl Sticker

Cannabear Holographic Vinyl Sticker published on

I’m sure you’re all reading my comics for OUT FRONT Magazine religiously, and with great zeal. As such, you may remember this stoner bear from the comic that ran in the December 2021 issue. Well, my sticker vendor had a sale on holographic stickers, so more or less on a whim I decided to turn the Cannabear into a pretty, shiny sticker. And now you can obtain one (or more!) for your very own:

Cannabear holographic vinyl sticker of stoner bear with ediblesNEW! – Cannabear Holographic Sticker


Bears certainly do love things that are edible, don’t they? Ahem. This bear originally appeared in one of my comics for OUT FRONT Magazine. Printed on holographic material, the sticker changes colors according to the angle of the light.

This durable, glossy vinyl sticker can be affixed to notebooks, laptops, phone cases, water bottles, etc.

Sticker dimensions: 2.5 inches high x 3 inches wide

Stickers are $4.00 each, free shipping to the U.S., $2 shipping to the rest of the world.




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