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Cannabear Holographic Vinyl Sticker

Cannabear Holographic Vinyl Sticker published on

I’m sure you’re all reading my comics for OUT FRONT Magazine religiously, and with great zeal. As such, you may remember this stoner bear from the comic that ran in the December 2021 issue. Well, my sticker vendor had a sale on holographic stickers, so more or less on a whim I decided to turn the Cannabear into a pretty, shiny sticker. And now you can obtain one (or more!) for your very own:

Cannabear holographic vinyl sticker of stoner bear with ediblesNEW! – Cannabear Holographic Sticker


Bears certainly do love things that are edible, don’t they? Ahem. This bear originally appeared in one of my comics for OUT FRONT Magazine. Printed on holographic material, the sticker changes colors according to the angle of the light.

This durable, glossy vinyl sticker can be affixed to notebooks, laptops, phone cases, water bottles, etc.

Sticker dimensions: 2.5 inches high x 3 inches wide

Stickers are $4.00 each, free shipping to the U.S., $2 shipping to the rest of the world.




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