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Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic

Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic published on No Comments on Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic

Politically InQueerect

I’ve started publishing Politically InQueerect as a weekly webcomic over at Tapastic. Initially this will consist of existing strips (though some, like today’s offering, are remastered to be in color and to be easier to read on ::cough:: modern HD screens). Eventually, if all goes according to plan (and when does it not?), this will segue into brand-new content.


I’ve also set up a Politically InQueerect Facebook page so you can keep abreast of developments in yer FB feed. Pop over and give ’em a “like” if you like.

Like Politically InQueerect on Facebook

PIQue will post every Wednesday on Tapastic. This is a great way to rediscover the series, or to get a friend hooked. Please share with your pals, and see you next Wednesday!



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