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PIQue, a Podcast, and Plambda Pliterary Pawards

PIQue, a Podcast, and Plambda Pliterary Pawards published on No Comments on PIQue, a Podcast, and Plambda Pliterary Pawards

Politically InQueerect

First off, it being Wednesday, I have for you the latest episode of the remastered-in-color Politically InQueerect. Click on through to see it as you’ve never seen it before! Bonus points if you can spot Rand’s movie quote paraphrase.

Next up, as I mentioned last week, I did a podcast interview with Comic Book Queers, wherein we discuss Transposes, the Chicago bathhouse scene (for some reason), and other highly inappropriate things. It was a great deal of fun, and you should ought give it a listen.

Finally, this very Monday is the Lambda Literary Awards. As you may recall, Transposes is a finalist in the Transgender Non-Fiction category, and No Straight Lines (in which I have three cartoons) is nominated for Best Anthology (full list of finalists is here). I’m heading off to New York to partake in the festivities. Should be exciting, and if nothing else I have an excuse to spend a few days in NYC. We shall see what transpires!



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