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New week, new PIQue

New week, new PIQue published on No Comments on New week, new PIQue

Politically InQueerect

Let’s find out what Todd and Dee are up to, shall we? Dee asks the question you’ve all been harboring, then gets distracted by a cute girl before she can press for an answer. It’s all in this week’s PIQue.

Lammy update: Transposes did not win (sad trombone), but No Straight Lines scooped up the Lammy for best anthology. So yay for that, huge props to Justin for putting together such an amazing anthology, and big grats to all the contributors (myself included, hem hem). Oh, and for those of you who have not yet snagged your own copy of No Straight Lines and have been frustrated in trying to find a copy on account of the print run selling out, you will be pleased to learn that a second printing is in the works. This will be a softcover, so it’ll be cheaper to boot. Looks like Fantagraphics is taking pre-orders, so go throw some dollars at ’em.



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