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PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update published on No Comments on PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

Politically InQueerect Dee

The latest episode of remastered Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic! Follow along as Dee continues her quest for answers, but has difficulty focusing on the task at hand for some bizarre reason.

There’s also news on the QU33R front, and another opportunity for a sneak peek at my TransTransformers story. The deadline has arrived, and art is pouring in from the 33 amazing artists that are being featured in this anthology, edited by Rob Kirby. You can check out several pages of previews on the QU33R tumblr page, or you can follow along on the QU33R Facebook page. Brand new stuff from Eric Orner, Diane DiMassa, Ed Luce, MariNaomi, and Howard Cruse, just to name a few. Seriously, this book is gonna kick some ass.

You can check out the finished art for one of the pages from my TransTransformers story right here.


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