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QU33R takes the Ignatz!

Just a quick note to mention that QU33R won the 2014 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology or Collection! Big congratulations to our editor Rob Kirby, the 33 creators featured in the book (including myself, of course :} ), and Zan Christensen & Northwest Press! It’s very exciting to be part of another award-winning anthology (No Straight Lines won the 2013

Old Ghosts page 28 slinks away from the light

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts page 28 is up! I feel guilty about this page, but not guilty enough to have done it differently. Read it here on Tapastic, or here on Studio NDR. The archive of all pages posted to date is here. In other news, QU33R is up for an Ignatz Award! I have a 5-page story in there,

Melville/Hawthorne and QU33R news

I told you I was gonna do it and I done did it: a Melville/Hawthorne slash fic cartoon (SFW, unlike Melville’s actual writings about Hawthorne). Click through for the full-sized cartoon and fun facts about Herman Melville’s special tingly feelings for Nathaniel Hawthorne. You can find the comic here on tumblr if you want to reblog. Also, you should know

Time for more PiQue

The latest page of Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic. Turns out, Dee is not interested in putting up with anyone’s bullshit. Thanks to everyone who backed the QU33R Kickstarter! We are funded and going to press, oh yes. I don’t know a release date yet, but once I do I will obvs let you know all about it. I

Love your editor

I’m very excited by some of the anthology projects I have coming up. There’s QU33R, of course, which is supposed to drop next month from Northwest Press (more on that when I know the official release date). I’m also going to be a part of Beyond, an all-queer sci-fi/fantasy anthology that will be coming out next year. Beyond is currently

PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

The latest episode of remastered Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic! Follow along as Dee continues her quest for answers, but has difficulty focusing on the task at hand for some bizarre reason. There’s also news on the QU33R front, and another opportunity for a sneak peek at my TransTransformers story. The deadline has arrived, and art is pouring in

Two San Francisco events this week

I have two separate events in San Francisco this week, so if you’re in town you should stop by (they’re both FREEEEEEEEE!) Event The First: Noe Valley Word Week LGBT panel March 18, 2013 7:00 – 9:00 PM Facebook event page: Event The Second: QU33R sneak peek reading & popup art show March 19, 2013 7:00 – 9:00 PM

More TransTransformers progress, and upcoming events

A quick cellphone shot of some in-progress inks for my TransTransformers story for QU33R. I’m nearly done with ‘em, just a page and a third left to go. Then it’s time to color this thang! Meanwhile, I have a whole passel of events coming up in March. First up is STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX. Once again,

Transformers slash? Really?

I’m always amused by the search strings that folks type into the Google machine to find this place. Today’s winner was “Jazz/Prowl.” I really had not figured on Transformers slash, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, what with Rule 34 and all. Still, people. What the heck is wrong with you. Nevertheless, I have a little gem for you

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

I’ll be heading up to Dallas this weekend for the Sci-Fi Expo. I’ll mostly be bringing my Feeping Creatures stuff, but I’ll also have some preview art and prints for the new comic I’m working on, a short story for QU33R (the new anthology from Robert Kirby) about kids who gender-swap their toys (you know, just in case you missed