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QU33R takes the Ignatz!

QU33R takes the Ignatz! published on No Comments on QU33R takes the Ignatz!

Qu33r comics anthology

Just a quick note to mention that QU33R won the 2014 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology or Collection! Big congratulations to our editor Rob Kirby, the 33 creators featured in the book (including myself, of course :} ), and Zan Christensen & Northwest Press!

It’s very exciting to be part of another award-winning anthology (No Straight Lines won the 2013 Lambda Literary Award for Best Anthology). And if you haven’t checked out QU33R yet, well, what’re ya waitin’ for, an invitation? (You are cordially invited to check out QU33R.)



Old Ghosts page 28 slinks away from the light

Old Ghosts page 28 slinks away from the light published on No Comments on Old Ghosts page 28 slinks away from the light

Politically InQueerect Old Ghosts Basement

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts page 28 is up! I feel guilty about this page, but not guilty enough to have done it differently.

Read it here on Tapastic, or here on Studio NDR.

The archive of all pages posted to date is here.

Qu33r comics anthology

In other news, QU33R is up for an Ignatz Award!

I have a 5-page story in there, the one about the gender-swapped Transformers.

I believe the final voting for the award is done at SPX, so if you’re going to be there this year and want to support queer comics, do consider giving us a vote.



Melville/Hawthorne and QU33R news

Melville/Hawthorne and QU33R news published on No Comments on Melville/Hawthorne and QU33R news

Herman Melville is totes gay for Nathaniel Hawthorne

I told you I was gonna do it and I done did it: a Melville/Hawthorne slash fic cartoon (SFW, unlike Melville’s actual writings about Hawthorne). Click through for the full-sized cartoon and fun facts about Herman Melville’s special tingly feelings for Nathaniel Hawthorne. You can find the comic here on tumblr if you want to reblog.

QU33R hardcover mockupAlso, you should know that QU33R is now available for preorder from Northwest Press! Oh gosh, there is going to be a shmancy, limited-edition hardcover and that is terribly exciting to me. Possibly also to you! Buy this book, but only if you want a ton of brand-new, exceptionally awesome queer comics (and if you’re here looking for Melville/Hawthorne cartoons, I’m pretty sure you want awesome queer comics).



Time for more PiQue

Time for more PiQue published on No Comments on Time for more PiQue

Politically InQueerect Dee

The latest page of Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic. Turns out, Dee is not interested in putting up with anyone’s bullshit.

Thanks to everyone who backed the QU33R Kickstarter! We are funded and going to press, oh yes. I don’t know a release date yet, but once I do I will obvs let you know all about it.

I haven’t got much else for ya at the moment, though I’m hoping to have more funs on the ol’ site for next week. Funs as in more dirty pitchers of Cecil and Carlos, ahem, cough.



Love your editor

Love your editor published on No Comments on Love your editor

Qu33r comics anthologyI’m very excited by some of the anthology projects I have coming up. There’s QU33R, of course, which is supposed to drop next month from Northwest Press (more on that when I know the official release date). I’m also going to be a part of Beyond, an all-queer sci-fi/fantasy anthology that will be coming out next year. Beyond is currently soliciting proposals, so check out the FAQ and guidelines if you wanna submit.

Also, I don’t remember if I mentioned this here or not, but No Straight Lines from Fantagraphics is back in print in softcover, so snag this amazing tome of jillions of queer comics if you haven’t already.

All this anthology talk has me ruminating on the relationship between creator and editor. I think it’s relatively rare, especially in the age of webcomics and self-publishing, for comics creators to have an opportunity to work with an editor, whether that’s in the form of being selected for an anthology project, or having your work-in-progress edited by a professional (i.e., not your friends). A couple of comments I have on this process:

1. Be nice to the editor, even if they decline to publish you at this time. Maybe what you do is not suitable for the current project, or maybe it’s already over its page limit and your amazing story is too long, or maybe you didn’t read the specs carefully and the piece you created will not physically fit in the book without looking terrible. It sucks to get turned down! Truly! But bear in mind, it’s not uncommon for anthology editors to do more than one anthology project in their lives. Maybe you will be a perfect fit for the next project. If you haven’t burned your bridges, the editor might think of you later and be all, “Oh, hey, wanna be in my next anthology?”

But if you are rude to an editor, even if your work is amazing, you will have a hard time getting published if you’ve made a reputation for yourself as someone who is an obnoxious jerk. Especially with an anthology, the editor is already herding cats trying to get the other artists to get their stuff in on time (ha ha). Unless you are such a huge draw that your name alone will sell a ton of books (hint: you’re probably not), an editor is likely to pass you over for someone whose work is equally as good, but who is also not a giant pain in the ass to work with.

Editors are not gods (necessarily). You certainly don’t need to grovel. Just, you know, be nice.

2. Do not take edits personally. This happens a lot in prose, and would happen more in comics if more comic book people actually got a chance to work with a professional editor. Unlike your pal, who doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and is not getting paid to critique you, a professional editor’s job is to highlight the weaknesses in your piece so you can fix them. (A good editor will preface the coming bloodbath with some words of praise for the stuff you’re doing really well.) In general, you are not actually obligated to make all the edits (unless you need to make something age appropriate, for example), but ask yourself if you feel strongly enough about the work as-is to go to the mat for it. And if you’re defending it, can you make a case for why your version is better.

My own experience working with professional editors was that, while being edited sometimes made me grumpy (I AM AN AAAAAAHTIST), the editors were right probably 95% of the time. And by taking their criticisms seriously, I saw the quality of my work level up considerably. There were a handful of instances where I felt motivated to defend my original version, but for the most part I found that the professionals were right. (You can, it turns out, hire a freelance editor to look at your project if you’re planning to self-publish. If you’ve never done this before, seriously, give it a try sometime.)



PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update published on No Comments on PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

Politically InQueerect Dee

The latest episode of remastered Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic! Follow along as Dee continues her quest for answers, but has difficulty focusing on the task at hand for some bizarre reason.

There’s also news on the QU33R front, and another opportunity for a sneak peek at my TransTransformers story. The deadline has arrived, and art is pouring in from the 33 amazing artists that are being featured in this anthology, edited by Rob Kirby. You can check out several pages of previews on the QU33R tumblr page, or you can follow along on the QU33R Facebook page. Brand new stuff from Eric Orner, Diane DiMassa, Ed Luce, MariNaomi, and Howard Cruse, just to name a few. Seriously, this book is gonna kick some ass.

You can check out the finished art for one of the pages from my TransTransformers story right here.


Two San Francisco events this week

Two San Francisco events this week published on No Comments on Two San Francisco events this week

Finishing up stuff for the QU33R popup art show Tuesday night. Kinda last minute, but thankfully I now have an assistant.

I have two separate events in San Francisco this week, so if you’re in town you should stop by (they’re both FREEEEEEEEE!)

Event The First:

Noe Valley Word Week LGBT panel
March 18, 2013
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Facebook event page:

Event The Second:

QU33R sneak peek reading & popup art show
March 19, 2013
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Facebook event page:

You can find more deets about both on my Appearances page, or by checking out the linked Facebook page invites (feel free to RSVP yerself – they should both be public events).

More TransTransformers progress, and upcoming events

More TransTransformers progress, and upcoming events published on No Comments on More TransTransformers progress, and upcoming events
TransTransformers Bluestreak Jazz Prowl in progress
Let’s kick Decepticon Butt!

A quick cellphone shot of some in-progress inks for my TransTransformers story for QU33R. I’m nearly done with ’em, just a page and a third left to go. Then it’s time to color this thang!

Meanwhile, I have a whole passel of events coming up in March. First up is STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX. Once again, I expect it shall be a fine extravaganza of indie media from Austin and beyond. Want some TransTransformers prints? I’ll have them at the show for your gender-bending robot needs. I will also have copies of Transposes, of course, as well as original art and feeps.

After that I’m off to California for a pair of back-to-back events in the San Francisco area. First up, on March 18, is the Noe Valley WordWeek LGBT panel. I’ll be doing a reading from Transposes, alongside other LGBT authors reading from their books. It’s being held at a brew pub, so really you have no excuse not to go.

Then, on March 19, I’ll be in the Mission District of SF for a reading/art event at Alley Cat Books, also in conjunction with several other creators. I’ll read something different from what I read the previous night, and the other panelists will be different each night, so come to both! It’s a different show each night.

For more specifics on the where and the when for each of these things, hit up my Appearances Page.

See you soon!


Transformers slash? Really?

Transformers slash? Really? published on No Comments on Transformers slash? Really?
Robot in this Guy
Click to embiggen

I’m always amused by the search strings that folks type into the Google machine to find this place. Today’s winner was “Jazz/Prowl.” I really had not figured on Transformers slash, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, what with Rule 34 and all. Still, people. What the heck is wrong with you.

Nevertheless, I have a little gem for you sick perverts who are into that sort of thing. In the course of my research into G1 Transformers for my QU33R anthology piece, I watched the first several episodes of season 1, and somehow accidentally wound up with screen shots of a particularly suggestive moment of tenderness between Hound and Spike (and yes, these are unaltered stills direct from the show).

Again, somehow by accident, these images became randomly assembled into the strip you see here. I’m sure it’s just a bizarre coincidence that they should seem to suggest something salacious, but you know what they say about monkeys and typewriters and Shakespeare!

ANYWAY. I am inking away on the comic this was all in aid of, and hope to have more progress photos to show you soon.

Now, let us never speak of Transformers slash again.

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10 published on No Comments on Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

TransTransformers Prowl

I’ll be heading up to Dallas this weekend for the Sci-Fi Expo. I’ll mostly be bringing my Feeping Creatures stuff, but I’ll also have some preview art and prints for the new comic I’m working on, a short story for QU33R (the new anthology from Robert Kirby) about kids who gender-swap their toys (you know, just in case you missed any of the several previous posts).

If you’re going to be in Dallas this weekend, swing by and check it out!

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