PiQue – Old Ghosts

Politically InQueerect Old Ghosts final coverPolitically InQueerect: Old Ghosts is now available for sale!

A skeptical ghost story for those who wish Edmund Blackadder were gay, this comic includes the entire Old Ghosts storyline, as well as a selection of some of the best comics from the strip’s 14-year run.

“An insightful, humorous and unique comic.” — Lambda Literary Review

“A fun, clever story, somewhat akin to a drawing room comedy.” — Panel Patter

“A nicely dialectical exposé in the shape of a comedy where opposites attract.” — Gay Comics List

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Todd, Archer, and Archer’s mother Clara embark on a journey to Shrewsbury, England, to assist Archer’s grandmother in moving to a smaller house. Gran is quite adamant that the house is haunted, Archer is adamant that it isn’t. Is Archer’s skepticism going to lead him to his peril, or is Gran orchestrating one huge wind-up for her own amusement? Read on to find out what sorts of ghosts are lurking in the walls and in the past.

February 2014
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