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PiQue of the week, and a QU33R update

The latest episode of remastered Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic! Follow along as Dee continues her quest for answers, but has difficulty focusing on the task at hand for some bizarre reason. There’s also news on the QU33R front, and another opportunity for a sneak peek at my TransTransformers story. The deadline has arrived, and art is pouring in

More TransTransformers progress, and upcoming events

A quick cellphone shot of some in-progress inks for my TransTransformers story for QU33R. I’m nearly done with ‘em, just a page and a third left to go. Then it’s time to color this thang! Meanwhile, I have a whole passel of events coming up in March. First up is STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX. Once again,

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

I’ll be heading up to Dallas this weekend for the Sci-Fi Expo. I’ll mostly be bringing my Feeping Creatures stuff, but I’ll also have some preview art and prints for the new comic I’m working on, a short story for QU33R (the new anthology from Robert Kirby) about kids who gender-swap their toys (you know, just in case you missed

More QU33R fun – The TransTransformers Ladies

I’ve created a landing page for material related to my QU33R anthology story. It now includes the current version of page 1 (pencils, as of this posting), as well as my character designs for the female versions of Prowl, Jazz, and Bluestreak. While these specific images are not technically part of the story that’s going to be published in QU33R,

TransTransformers pencils, Anti-Valentines, and whatnot

I’ll get the shilling out of the way first; you see, I’ve set up a Zazzle store (with my feep hat, natch), and I have placed within a couple of my anti-valentine’s day cards. This means you can, like, give me money for them if you want. I’m only a few years late in getting around to doing this, so