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Transformers slash? Really?

Transformers slash? Really? published on No Comments on Transformers slash? Really?
Robot in this Guy
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I’m always amused by the search strings that folks type into the Google machine to find this place. Today’s winner was “Jazz/Prowl.” I really had not figured on Transformers slash, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, what with Rule 34 and all. Still, people. What the heck is wrong with you.

Nevertheless, I have a little gem for you sick perverts who are into that sort of thing. In the course of my research into G1 Transformers for my QU33R anthology piece, I watched the first several episodes of season 1, and somehow accidentally wound up with screen shots of a particularly suggestive moment of tenderness between Hound and Spike (and yes, these are unaltered stills direct from the show).

Again, somehow by accident, these images became randomly assembled into the strip you see here. I’m sure it’s just a bizarre coincidence that they should seem to suggest something salacious, but you know what they say about monkeys and typewriters and Shakespeare!

ANYWAY. I am inking away on the comic this was all in aid of, and hope to have more progress photos to show you soon.

Now, let us never speak of Transformers slash again.

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