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Our current PiQue storyline concludes

Our current PiQue storyline concludes published on No Comments on Our current PiQue storyline concludes

Politically InQueerect Dee surprised

At long last, we have reached the exciting conclusion to Politically InQueerect’s “If I Had a Dollar” story, Colorized Edition. If you want to go back to the beginning and read the whole thing in one go, start here.

What’s up next, you ask? First I have to finish my piece for the next issue of Rocksalt (whose Kickstarter got funded, by the way, and which you still have two days to contribute to if you want to score some goodies).

After that’s in the can, I’ll be starting on a brand-new PiQue strip that introduces a couple of new characters. In the meantime, look for more remastered PiQue on Tapastic. I believe their August theme is video games, so I’ll be focusing on strips that have some mention of video games. (There aren’t a whole lot thus far in the PiQueverse, but Todd does like his Nintendo, even if it’s not clear he has anything newer than a Game Cube.)



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