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Why yes, I DID post a comic today

Why yes, I DID post a comic today published on No Comments on Why yes, I DID post a comic today

Politically InQueerect Archer

Dunno if anyone is around today, trolling the internet for comics to read, but I have posted another remastered Politically InQueerect to Tapastic. So there!

In other PiQue news, it may interest you to learn that, in the last week, I have penciled four new pages for the 36-page “issue #3” I started many years ago and set aside to work on Transposes. Scare quotes on “issue #3” since I’m not at all sure I’d actually publish it as a physical issue, though I might? I haven’t decided yet. Anyway. The story now has a title, “Old Ghosts,” so that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on.

My goal for this story is to start running it a page a week in February, and to be far enough ahead that I can keep it going uninterrupted, even if crazy life stuff happens! Is it possible? Can it be done? We shall find out. But I am super determined to finish this story, because it’s been kicking around forever, and yet I still like it quite a lot. I have 16 pages penciled, 12 inked, and zero colored. We’ll see how much I can get done on it over the next month and change, and then maybe brand new PiQue for you?



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