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Wednesday PiQue: Return to Arbucks

Wednesday PiQue: Return to Arbucks published on No Comments on Wednesday PiQue: Return to Arbucks

Politically InQueerect Dee Arbucks

The latest Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic. Dee’s back in town, and Todd treats her to lunch at his favorite fast food mashup establishment. Grossness ensues.

I’m partway through the pencils for page 23 of the new PiQue story, “Old Ghosts.” Inked up through page 16. Still need to get started on the coloring, but oh, it’ll happen. I’m mostly concerned with getting the pencils done ASAP, since they’re the most challenging part of the drawing process to get through. Was going to do digital lettering, but it turns out the older pages (which I drew in 2006-2007, I think?) are a slightly different aspect ratio from the new pages, and I can’t get one single font to work across both. Also, my old-style word balloons are NOT font-friendly, so I give up and am hand lettering the whole damn story. This does slow things down a little, but it’ll keep the comic looking consistent despite the long break.

More teasers soon!



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