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On buying prints of comics

On buying prints of comics published on No Comments on On buying prints of comics

I noticed recently that the “purchase webcomic” link at the bottom of a given comic’s page sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’m not exactly sure why – if I go update the nonfunctioning page without making any changes it starts working. There are hundreds of comics on this site. I am prrrrrobably not going to comb through and click “update” on each and every one. (Shockingly, there’s not a huge demand for editorial cartoons from 10 years ago.)

BUT, yes, prints are available whether the link works or not. If you want to buy a print and the link isn’t working on that page, please let me know (that’s dylan[at]studiondr[dotcom]). Originals for several comics are available as well – please email to inquire.

In my fantasy world of the future I’ll have a site with actual functioning ecommerce, but right now I’m too busy drawing this:

Valley of Spiders Beyond anthology teaser

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