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PiQue remastered – thus it (re)begins

PiQue remastered – thus it (re)begins published on No Comments on PiQue remastered – thus it (re)begins

Politically InQueerect Todd Archer

I’ve been publishing my comics online since 2000, and a lot of the old web-ready images were optimized for dial-up (yep) and CRT screens. With today’s technology standards, they are unreadably small. One of my current projects is to go back and remaster those comics to make them readable on modern HD screens.

For example: compare the original web version of this comic with the remastered version on Tapastic.

Why am I NOT putting the updated version on Studio NDR? A couple reasons:

1. I’m already having a lot of problems with the site going offline due to bandwidth overloads. So bigger images might make that even worse.

2. The back-end plug-ins I used to make this site are very, very broken (sad face) and updating an extant image is a huge pain in the ass. In order to fix this I will probably need to nuke the site from orbit and start over. In the meantime, I’m not going to tear my hair out updating images when I’ll just have to wipe the slate clean eventually anyway.

I haven’t yet figured out what I want to do regarding this here website, though I think streamlining is in order. In the meantime, enjoy these new squint-free versions of the comics and stay tuned for Some Exciting News™.



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