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Reamstered PiQue – Lexus Prey

Reamstered PiQue – Lexus Prey published on No Comments on Reamstered PiQue – Lexus Prey

Politically InQueerect Todd Archer

In this episode of vintage Politically InQueerect, Todd and Archer have a passionate discussion about the proper use of luxury SUVs. This was the fourth PiQue comic I ever drew, and here it is remastered for modern internet speeds and computer monitors. You can also check it out on Tapastic.

Back in the day, Lexus had a website where you could do a virtual custom-build of their current offerings, so I got to design Todd a ridiculous monstrosity of a car. I’m not sure what he’s driving now, but you can be sure he’s swapped out cars a couple of times since.

It IS a little weird to shop for a car, on behalf of a person you made up, that you yourself could never afford.

Anyhow. Check back Friday for a new Taxonomically Unbound!

P.S. – Obligatory Patreon mention. Please note that a Lexus SUV is NOT featured in my funding goals.

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