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VoSS – The Long Run page 9

VoSS – The Long Run page 9 published on No Comments on VoSS – The Long Run page 9

queer science fiction webcomic Valley of the Silk Sky

Valley of the Silk Sky page 9 is up, and it contains Dramatic Lighting™. It might be viewed in any one of these places:

In the lower right of the page, you might notice a queer family on their way home for the evening. Queerness is a complete non-issue in Pocalo; this little family raises nary an eyebrow.

While works that deal head-on with homophobia are important, so are works that imagine worlds where that’s not something people have to struggle with.

Also, ICYMI, the VoSS mini for chapters 1 and 2 is at the printer even now. Assuming all goes according to plan (AND WHEN DOES IT NOT AMIRITE), that means the mini will indeed be available at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle just a couple of weeks (table F-04); also HavenCon in Austin the week after that. So! If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait through the weekly updates to get the first two chapters, you shall be in luck.

And yes, I will make the mini available for purchase online, but I have to make sure I have enough for two back-to-back shows first. ‘K? ‘K.



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