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VoSS world-building week

VoSS world-building week published on No Comments on VoSS world-building week

Valley of the Silk Sky LGBTQIA science fiction webcomic

As mentioned previously, in between Valley of the Silk Sky chapters I post world-building info for your nerding-out pleasure over on the VoSS website. I don’t post them here on Studio NDR, as this site is already a cluttered nightmare. It is not necessary to read these to follow the story. But, let me assure you, they are VERY INTERESTING INDEED.

If you are The Sort of Person Who is Into That Kind of Thing, click the link to learn more about the most dangerous living thing in all of Pocalo.

Chapter 2 starts next Wednesday, April 29! (Or Monday, April 27 if you’re a Patron on Patreon.)



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