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VoSS chapter 2 begins!

VoSS chapter 2 begins! published on No Comments on VoSS chapter 2 begins!

queer YA science fiction webcomic Valley of the Silk Sky Daraz Harcos

Chapter 2 of Valley of the Silk Sky begins! These creatures are Daraz (species) Harcos (warrior/hunter caste). Harcos are non-reproducing members of the species. Read the new page here:

I’ve already got a couple of appendix posts up about the Daraz, if you’re in a world-building mood:

Infrared Vision

Social structure and grooming

In other news, the Queers & Comics Conference in NYC is fast approaching! May 7-8 you’ll be able to sit in on jillions of panels about QUEER COMICS.

I’ll be on three panels (Queer Memoir, and Trans/GQ Character Design on May 7, Queer Male Identity on May 8). Check out the full schedule for all the awesomeness.

In other other news, I have a page and a half left to ink on VoSS chapter 3, and then it’s on to painting. EXCITE.



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