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Nerd out with VoSS world-building posts

Nerd out with VoSS world-building posts published on No Comments on Nerd out with VoSS world-building posts

Valley of the Silk Sky Chapter 3

I expect I’ll finish up the art for the final page of chapter 3 today, which means the whole dang thing will be in the can prior to the start date of June 3. HECK YEAH.

As per usual, I’ve scheduled a mid-chapter break where I do a bunch of world-building posts over on the Valley of the Silk Sky website. These are not essential homework for following the story; they’re just there for people (like me) who enjoy the finer details of all this made-up stuff. Where can you find them? Why, just over here.

I have two more to post this week (on Daraz writing systems, and on the nature of human interaction with the Daraz).

Oh, also, I’ve added another show to the convention schedule. I’ll be at the Queer Comics Expo in San Francisco next month, June 20-21. It’ll be held at the Cartoon Art Museum. More deets on that as it approaches.

See you next week for the start of chapter 3!



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