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Valley of the Silk Sky page 52 closes out Chapter 5, and Part One

Valley of the Silk Sky page 52 closes out Chapter 5, and Part One published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky page 52 closes out Chapter 5, and Part One

lgbtqia YA sci-fi comic Valley of the Silk Sky

Page 52 is up, and it is pretty darn gay! Observe the gayness:

And with that, Chapter 5 is done, and Part One is complete.

NOW WHAT, you wonder.

Valley of the Silk Sky queer nonbinary YA sci-fi comic

Next up, I’ll be releasing a digital edition of Part One so you can read it offline. If you are one of my Patrons, this eBook PDF version will be made available for you to download later this week. Otherwise, I’ll have it up for sale on Gumroad for $5.99. (Official release date is March 2.)

The book has also been accepted by ComiXology for their Submit program. So if you’re a ComiXology user, you will be able to buy a Guided View edition of Valley of the Silk Sky Part One, also for $5.99.

I’ll go into the details of the benefits of the eBook edition once it’s available for your purchasing pleasure. TL;DR: the art looks nicer and your $$ helps me keep doing this comics thing.

Okay, yes, but what about Chapter 6? What of Part Two, you ask?

Chapter 6 is in progress right now, though it’s not nearly as far along as I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, personal life stuff intervened (and by “personal life stuff,” I actually mean, “flying out of town twice to two different states in less than a month to visit relatives in hospice”). So it’s one of those situations where there was nothing much to do about it but accept that there was going to be a big delay.

So but I’m penciling now, and am hoping maybe to get Chapter 6 up and running by April. In the interim, I’ll be posting a lot of work-in-progress stuff to my Patreon for $1+ subscribers, and there’s a couple more world-building posts in the pipeline that I’ll be putting up on the Valley of the Silk Sky website.

Anyhow. Check back next week for an announcement about the PDF book!



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