Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 7 begins!

Valley of the Silk Sky queer sci-fi webcomic

The hiatus is over – now let’s find out just what the heck went down at the waystation. Read page 64 here:

Seeing as it’s been, cough, six months since the last VotSS installment, now might be a good time to rattle the ol’ cup. Valley of the Silk Sky is a project I undertake in my free time, and my free time is determined by how much other work I have to take on to make ends meet.

If you enjoy VotSS and want to help fund its creation, you can always become one of my Patrons. By making a regular pledge, you get early access to pages, special secret info, work-in-progress posts, and all that good stuff. At just $5 a month you get art in the mail, so dang. You know.

If a one-time donation is more your thing, you can always drop me a couple bucks via PayPal. Send however much you want to

And if you don’t have $$ but want to lend support, the best thing you can do is share VotSS with your friends. The more the merrier!



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