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Valley of the Silk Sky part 2 book is here, is now

Valley of the Silk Sky part 2 book is here, is now published on

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run Part Two

Yes indeedy, the time has come. Or will be about to come, depending on what format you’re looking for. But first, about the book:

Part Two collects chapters 6-10 of the story. Right now I’ve only published up through chapter 8 online, so you get to READ AHEAD, you naughty things.

Print: 60 pages, full-color. $15.00.
Digital: 54 pages, full-color. $5.99.

[NOTE: page count difference for print and digital is due to spacer pages, content is identical.]

Where to get it in print:

Where to get it in digital:

Why is the release date for Amazon right now and the Gumroad release is delayed? Well, simply put, my copies aren’t scheduled to be delivered until the 16th, so that’s when I will have them to distribute. I decided to set the digital release for the same day to keep things kinda sorta consistent.

As far as ComiXology goes, I just yesterday got the notification that it was accepted for their Submit platform, so it’ll probably be a few weeks yet before it’s available there. But if that’s your preferred platform, know that it is indeed coming.

The first convention where the book will be available for purchase is TCAF, as part of their announced list of debut books. Neat!

Anyhow, see you next week for the commencement of Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 9, and news about DiNK, which is coming up April 14-15. Stay tuned!



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