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Ongoing technical difficulties

Ongoing technical difficulties published on

EDIT: I may have found the solution to comics pages not displaying? Still need to do a more thorough check, but so far I have seen An Improvement. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I found out my site had been hacked, and my web host had yanked the whole thing offline as a cautionary procedure. I seem to have restored some, but not all, of the functionality. Like, I’m getting “not found” errors when I try to view comic pages, even though they’re showing up in the admin dashboard.

SOOooooOOO … [sighs heavily]

I don’t know. I’m trying to fix this with my very, VERY marginal amount of web admin knowledge. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to fully repair.

Until things are functional again, you can always see new comics from me on my Patreon and my Tumblr.

And, of course, Valley of the Silk Sky continues to have its own website.

Anyway, back to trying to fix my broken-ass website.

Sighs again,


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