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Valley of the Silk Sky returns! Chapter 12 commences now

Valley of the Silk Sky returns! Chapter 12 commences now published on

Yes indeed, it is time for the newest installment of my queer YA sci-fi/fantasy webcomic, Valley of the Silk Sky. You can now read page 106 at any one of these fine locations:

“But Dylan, that’s so many options. How do I know which one to choose?”

Well, I’ll tell you. Read it here if that’s what you’re used to and it works for you.

Read it on the VotSS website if you like additional material like appendices, character pages, concept art, and all that jazz.

Read it on Tumblr if you are still on Tumblr and want it to show up in your dash without you having to remember to do anything.

Read it on Patreon if you would like early access to pages by becoming my Patron for a mere one dollar a month; or you can choose to follow my Patreon for free and get notifications of when new pages get posted to the general public. Early access subscribers get pages on Mondays, then they go public on Thursdays.

“But Dylan, you’ve been working on this comic for years now and I forgot what happened three chapters ago. How can I get caught up?”

Simple! You can:

1. Read the story so far online 

2. Read offline via print volumes or digital collections 

Right? Right. See you next week for the continuation of Chapter 12!



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