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Asexual Awareness Week

Asexual Awareness Week published on
comic by Dylan Edwards about variations on asexuality and the difference between aromantic and asexual identity

Why yes, it IS Asexual Awareness Week. Time to share this comic I made about the many and varied flavors of asexuality, and the distinction between aromantic and asexual identity. This is a brief overview of a complex topic, obviously (I have not yet managed to solve all the world’s problems with a half-page comic, for which I apologize), but you get the idea.



Asexual Awareness Week AND Bat Week??

Asexual Awareness Week AND Bat Week?? published on No Comments on Asexual Awareness Week AND Bat Week??

Asexual Awareness Bat Week

Apparently Asexual Awareness Week and Bat Week coincide, so here’s an Ace Bat for ya.

The bat art is from one of the $5+ Patreon backer postcards I sent out recently, recolored here to match the Asexual flag. (The original is orange, as this is a painted bat.)

Since this is freehanded ink-on-paper (no pencils), I guess it kinda counts as an Inktober as well. So many hashtags.

In quick other news, I have one page left to pencil for Valley of the Silk Sky chapter 8, and then that stage of the process will be done. HOORAY! I’m hoping to have it ready to start running by mid-December.

Also: The Outfield collection is in the proofing stage. First pass had a number of corrections, but I’m hoping most of that got sorted out. I’ll need to get a second proof to confirm. Anyway, it’s still on track for a November 2017 release.



Asexual Awareness Week, Valley of the Silk Sky progress report, Japan talk

Asexual Awareness Week, Valley of the Silk Sky progress report, Japan talk published on No Comments on Asexual Awareness Week, Valley of the Silk Sky progress report, Japan talk

comic about asexuality

So hey, it’s Asexual Awareness Week! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out my comic for The Nib, wherein I go on about intersections of asexual, queer, and trans identities.

I was also interviewed for the BiCast podcast, wherein Sara Beth Brooks and I talk with Lynnette McFadzen about – what else? – ASEXUALITY. You can point your ears thisaway to indulge in said cast of pod.

Finally, speaking of comics with asexual characters, I have news on the Valley of the Silk Sky front. As you may recall, the comic was on hold while I worked on various and sundry freelance projects. But those projects are now complete, and I’m in the process of penciling chapter 7 even now.

I’m going to be in Japan for most of November, and my goal is to have the pencils finished before I leave. My goal is NOT to work myself to death while I’m on semi-vacation, so I won’t be doing any coloring until I get back. That puts the timeline at running chapter 7 in January. Appropriate enough, since January is VotSS’s birthday!

I say Japan is a semi-vacation, since I will be giving a talk on Entrepreneurship in American Comics while I’m there. So if you, also, will be in Tokyo on November 16th, you can come to the thing! It’s at the American Center from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 16. More details here (page is in Japanese).

I have a couple more announcements about upcoming events in December, but I’ll tell you more about those closer to the date.



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