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Alt newspaper MADNESS

Alt newspaper MADNESS published on No Comments on Alt newspaper MADNESS

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First up, it may interest you to learn that the latest issue of Rocksalt is out, and I have a couple of cartoons in it. As ever, lots of great and weird cartoonery is to be had within, and if you live in Austin you can probably snag a print copy somewhere around town at one of the free drops.

Denver Drink and Draw

Meanwhile, Comix Brew, the alt comics newspaper for Denver Drink & Draw‘s cadre of crazy cartoonists has hit its Kickstarter funding goal. There’s still a week left to contribute, so if you want to snag a bitchin’ pint glass or some original art, go throw some dollars our way.

What else can I tell ya. Still penciling away on Old Ghosts. 28 pages down, hoping to knock out page 29 today. Inks in progress on page 24. I’m so excited to be finishing this story after all these years I can’t even tell ya. Anyway, page 3 goes up on Wednesday, so check back then.



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